10 Reasons Why Tradegecko is must have Inventory management for your eCommerce store.

Tradegecko: Inventory management Software for eCommerce Business

Tradegecko Inventory management system

If you want that Software which can boost your business sale and help you to manage responsibilities then, here is Tradegecko. It can help you to take orders, Manage sale, work smarter and grow your eCommerce and wholesale business. This is a big advantage for small business owners to manage their inventory and customers. 


We can also say that Tradegecko is specially designed for a brand owner selling wholesale, a distributor, consumer eCommerce business, and proper inventory management.


Let’s have a look at the must have features that your eCommerce business is needed.

Complete Control Over Inventory: Tradegecko inventory control feature ensures that you never got out of stock. It keeps the records and gives automatic stock level updates whenever any purchase is made. The coolest things that attract me is that you can manage inventory across multiple warehouses and in multiple currencies.
Below are the main feature


  • Inventory List
  • Product Details Section
  • Barcode Scanning
  • Option to create product variants
  • Product History
  • Inventory Details Report
  • Stock on hand report
  • Incoming Stock Record



Create, Edit Or Email Purchase Order: Create, edit, and email purchase orders that update inventory levels automatically while ensuring data accuracy. A user can also generate reorder data reports to manage when to order more inventory. 



Inventory Optimization: The Big advantage of Tradegecko is that it allows you to have a perfect amount of stock when needed. It can help you to streamline internal operations, inventory optimization and automated demand forecasting.


Backordering: Backordering feature helps you to streamline your inventory operations and fulfil the demands of your customers. Their inventory system gives you a consolidated idea about sales order and shows a clear picture of unfulfilled orders.


Warehouse Inventory Management: One of the most hectic work is to manage multi-warehouse inventory. Tradegecko understands this problem and comes up with the solution as ‘Warehouse Inventory Management’. It not only offers you to manage the inventory of multiple warehouses but also allows you to transfer stock from one warehouse to another.


Feature Of CRM: Customer is king. The success of a business depends, how good is your customer service? Tradegecko has a built-in CRM system that helps you to keep all your customer and suppliers data at one place. Tradegecko keeps the history of customer’s order that helps you to understand the customer behavior. 


Order Management: Order processing or management can involve several steps. And efficient order processing can increase your business efficiency. Tradegecko allows you to synchronize orders with inventory and get the sales reports. And this all done in real time.


Multichannel Sales: Selling on multiple channels could be a boon for your business growth. As per research selling on 2 channel can give you 20% higher orders than selling it on a single platform or channel. The sales growth increase exponentially upto 45% if you start selling it on just 3 channels. By considering this growth ratio is always good to be sale the items on multichannel. Tradegecko works as a central hub that helps you to manage inventory and orders from all your sales channel. 


Accounting System: Working with accounting system may not be the cup of tea of every person. Managing day to day accounts could be a time-consuming work. How about if these things can be managed automatically or with very little effort? Yes, Tradegecko accounting system integrates seamlessly with your inventory and order management systems. It helps you to automate your invoicing process and gives great visibility over costs and profits. This is not all, you can do many more things and obviously in a different currency. 


Sales Report: TradeGecko give you a wide range of reporting features that helps you to see the details insights. 


Mobile App: Very few inventory management comes with a Mobile application. TradeGecko comes with out of the box mobile app. You can manage your inventory, orders, invoices directly from the mobile app. 


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