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TradeGecko Inventory Management Implementation with Cloudify

We are official partners with TradeGecko and have excellent knowledge about all of its features. We do not randomly make implementations in your organization; instead, analyze the business and all of its processes first. No matter if they are manual or system-based and watch out the scope for automation.

After analyzing, we design and recommend customized inventory management processes that deem fit as per your business’s needs. Then we implement the right inventory processes and systems followed by paying attention to the errors that hinder the operations and smooth functioning. We don’t finalize the implementation of processes and systems until and unless they are up and running. Cloudify also assists in automating your business processes by connecting TradeGecko with other necessary systems like sales and accounting.

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Managing all of our inventory smoothly

Inventory Control

Track and organize stock via barcode scanning, speed up the storage and retrieval of the product. Prevent out of stock situations, get automated updates mentioning stock levels and create quick reorders with TradeGecko comprehensive features.

Multiple Integration

Take your business to its full potential. TradeGecko can be effortlessly integrated with numerous third-party platforms including Amazon, Xero, Quickbooks, ShipStation and Shopify.

Warehouse Management

Streamline critical inventory operations of your business including, packing, shipping, picking and receiving with TradeGecko’s warehouse management tools. You can also manage multiple warehouses across multiple geographical areas easily.

Order Management

TradeGecko helps you in tracking and syncing orders, customers, suppliers and inventory via one system. You can easily access the sales report in real-time while quickly and accurately fulfilling the orders.

Multi-Channel Sales & Better Data Visibility

TradeGecko gives you access to a central location for managing sales through numerous channels. You can sell via different marketplaces, B2C and B2B e-commerce and mobile applications. It also provides you with several analytical and reporting tools that give you details about your valuable operational data.

Reduces Errors & Optimizes Organization

You can improvise the organization of your stock by leveraging the features of TradeGecko, and it will help you in cutting down human errors. Inventory management software TradeGecko also contains various inventory management and control features, which can optimize the movement and placement of stock.

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Cloudify is officially partnered with TradeGecko. Our team of experts have been implementing TradeGecko integrations for years and occupy the right skills & approach that can help you in taking your business to its full potential.

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