Top Workflow Automations in 2020 for Every Business

Top Workflow automation


Every process comes with a unique workflow that completes it. However many workflows involve manual tasks, which are time consuming, prone to error and comparatively not much cost efficient. It’s more like adding a bunch of rocks in your way to a path, which can easily become smoother with workflow automation. Workflow automation helps in removing those roadblocks  and provides a smooth path, which is accurate, swift and relatively inexpensive. 

What is Workflow Automation?

Workflow automation is a series of tasks, which are required to complete a process and then removing all the manual steps involved in it. It’s like making your complex processes fall cleverly in a well orchestrated manner, where each task moves easily from one to the other without any error or delay. 

In which sector can workflow automation help? 

From finance to administration and marketing to IT, workflow automation can possibly liberate all the departments of an organization from the heavy burden of manual processes that consume hours and money. Here’s how each department in any organization can benefit from custom workflow automations: 


Human Resource

  • Reduce paperwork
  • Source, verify their data, and recruit candidates faster by automating approvals
  • Ensure compliance on all the processes
  • Improve the workflow visibility for better understanding of things
  • Provide smooth and fast onboarding/offboarding experience to new candidates


  • Simplify the document management process
  • Save time on processing approvals
  • Schedule Auto-payments or repayments for recurring invoices
  • Create smart payroll management system for your staff
  • Integrate data with other accounting software or systems


  • Delegate repetitive, manual tasks
  • Collaborate on workflows with teammates located across the globe
  • Ensure the content gets approved by the right peple
  • Establish a consistent process for nurturing and following up with leads
  • Autopilot multiple campaigns and monitor them using a single dashboard


  • Simplify list building by standardizing the process
  • Make sure all leads land in the right pipeline
  • Never let a lead slip due to errors
  • Get insightful report and analysis on ongoing processes
  • Send contextual welcome, thank you, or promotional emails


  • Assign tickets and escalations to team members who are available 
  • Avoid duplicate support requests
  • Confirm scheduled updates with stakeholders
  • Manage assets and track usage trends

Basically, workflow automations help businesses in these key areas: improving efficiency, saving time, managing cost-efficiency and optimizing customer service experience. So, here we bring you the top Workflow Automations in 2020 for every business. 

Lead Automation

Leads are collected via many marketing channels, including, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, contact forms, email signups and many more and they are then passed on to the sales team. Lead automation has completely changed this scenario of handling things from marketing to sales, and lead automation collects leads from every channel, embodies a criterion that helps businesses in determining the value and importance of leads and which needs utmost attention or response. It works with five steps:

  • Lead Capturing
  • Lead Qualification 
  • Lead Scoring
  • Lead Distribution
  • Lead Nurturing 

When we combine these, it leads to:

Automatic collection of leads from your sales funnel - website, PPC campaigns, social media, phone calls, landing pages and more. 

Social Media Automation

Whether you’re managing social media for your own business, trying to build a personal brand or running a digital marketing agency, managing all social media platforms can be exhausting. You might be building a Facebook page, running a campaign, trying to get connected with some contacts on LinkedIn, keeping an eye on your competitors, replying to your customers, watching out for company mentions on Reddit or Twitter. Publishing blogs on multiple platforms, publishing social media posts and resharing content in sync with your social media and editorial calendar. 

Stop wasting time on administrative tasks & put them on auto-pilot mode with Social media automation. 

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation means putting your marketing activities on autopilot mode with the help of softwares and systems. Enhance your ability to engage, target better and generate leads by automating multiple marketing processes including lead management, which includes lead management, automated newsletters and customer segmentation.

Cloudify automates the mundane daily routine tasks and complex processes involved with marketing so that marketers can focus on better things.

e-Commerce Automation 

Focus on Growth, Automate the Rest with eCommerce Automation

Running an eCommerce store comes with consequences, products don't sell and ship themselves either. No matter how expensive plan you have for your eCommerce store, you still need a lot of work that has to be done like marketing your products, shipping orders, communicating with customers, sending invoices and running your store smoothly. 

As the business grows further, you will see that you're spending more time managing your store than you do in creating new products, marketing them and growing your business. 

Here's a simplified overview of how you can automate your store and get more done in very less time with our automation solutions, but we can also create complex custom workflows as per your business needs. 

  • Share new products - Send email from MailChimp when a new product is added in Shopify store 
  • Manage Your Inventory & Sales by integrating inventory management systems with your online store.
  • Get Notified Whenever You Make a Sale - share new paid orders from Shopify to Slack

Manage Your Store Accounting

Still, copying pasting data from your eCommerce systems to your accounting systems? We can help you in keeping your accounting up to date automatically, by adding every order to your accounting system automatically. 

Market to Your Customers

Automate your entire email workflow, create newsletters and add your customers to that list. Whenever you get a new customer, MailChimp will automatically send a welcome email or add new WooCommerce customers to a MailChimp list

Invoice automation

The most frustrating job for a sales person could be sending invoices after closing a deal, meanwhile still managing to deal with new customers, following up with them and other sales activities. 

Invoice automation will help you in eliminating inefficiency and hours involved with manual processes by automating them. For invoice automation, Cloudify has a custom approach, we help businesses in two ways.

The first one, which is creating an invoice  based on the data stored in your external systems like (Calendar, Pipedrive, Other CRM’s, Excel) and the second is by syncing invoices between two systems like invoices from your webshop to an accounting system of your choice. E.g. WooCommerce to Xero.

Custom Workflow Automation 

At Cloudify, we understand that each business has its own unique business model and the processes are based on that. This is why we offer a custom Workflow Automation plan on the basis of the type of business, its processes and how they can be aligned to form workflows, followed by the scope of automation. Here’s an overview of the custom approach. 

Cloudify’s Three-Step Approach


We do an in-depth analysis of processes whether manual or system based, find loopholes and propose a new digital process flow including systems and implementations


Then we implement new workflows, integrate the involved applications and automate the flows.


Once built, the solution is deployed & tested including all the redundancies, data flows, applications & validations applied. We provide complete training for maintaining solutions.

Workflow automation can bring significant changes in everything from your routine tasks to complex processes. As it improves accountability, transparency and gathering accurate data, removing or matching data errors and automating the processes.  We are official partners of industry’s best automation platforms including Zapier, Integromat, Piesync and Microsoft Flow. 

Many businesses think that there are manual processes or tasks which need human intervention, whereas we do agree it might be required on complex processes but data entry, repetitive tasks or follow ups don’t really have to be on that list. So, we suggest you think like - whenever a task pops up in your mind or gets identified, just put automation in notion and think if that could be automated. It creates space and time for more important tasks. 

Plus automating your employees data entry work will boost their productivity and morale. Eventually happy employees are best employees, both for business and job satisfaction. 


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