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Pipedrive marketing automation

A lot of our customers have already used pipedrive and trust us when we say this, and this was the best sales CRM they ever had as it helped them in defining a transparent process for prospects and clients. But have you ever tried integrating it with your marketing as well?

The smartest way to use it is to use the best and most efficient 3rd party automation tools that probably integrate with pipedrive seamlessly. We have tried and tested everything, and here we bring you the best marketing integrations for you.

Before stepping ahead, let’s take a step back and figure out the type of marketing automation that you’re looking forward to:

Here are three core marketing functions that most of the companies want to automate:

  1. On-Site Marketing: chat forms, visitors, tracking and more.
  2. Email Marketing: drip campaigns, sending marketing newsletters, emails, events and campaigns.
  3. Marketing Reporting: try all sorts of marketing activities, watch out for what generated sales and revenue without actually creating or recreating charts or graphs.

We know it's not a huge list, but these are some of the main activities businesses are looking to automate.

Email Marketing Integrations for Pipedrive

Did you know? Email marketing is still considered as the most effective and powerful marketing tool that generates high ROI for many businesses.

If we come to email marketing, it could be a broad topic, so here we bring you a list of what companies are actually looking for when it comes to email automation.

Email Newsletters: Sending out old emails that performed well to a specific segment or whole customer base.

Triggered Emails: sending out an email when a lead performed or did not perform a specific thing, for example, responded or did not respond to an email.

Email Tracking: Seeing which emails perform better and which customers engage more with which product or service.

Drip Emails: Email sequences for establishing the first contact with the leads or nurturing existing leads.

Keeping this in mind, we have tried and tested many tools that do email automation for Pipedrive.

Mailchimp has a great email editor, which syncs with Pipedrive but unfortunately - One Way.

Mailchimp and Pipedrive work very well together. Its native MailChimp integration helps you in quickly filtering out specific groups of users in the Pipedrive list view and add the same list to MailChimp in a blink.


Pipedrive has acquired Mailigen - a provider of easy to use, cost effective email marketing automation solutions. It will make it easier for Pipedrive users to access the software,which will help them in generating leads and nurturing customers.

Mailigen helps businesses in acquiring and building lasting relationships with customers via email, social and mobile channels.

Key Capabilities of Mailigen

Email Marketing

Mailigen comes packed with an intelligent email builder that creates emails which are beautiful, simple and mobile responsive. Real-time analytics support quick actions for achieving better results.

  • A/B testing results in improved campaign results.
  • Subscriber list management eases customer segmentation.
  • Social media integration with email enables cohesive campaigns.

Email Automation

Behavior - based automation with workflow builder in which everything is possible from segmentation, surveys and triggered responses that facilitate more specific targeting. Along with the ability to deliver what customers want and when.

Dynamic email content makes creating and delivering personalized HTML content easier.

Dynamic email content in Mailigen enables you to create and deliver personalized HTML content easier.

Sent automated shopping cart abandoner emails, product updates and education email series with eCommerce enabled email marketing.

Online Surveys and SMS marketing


Send private email invitations which can be easily created with drag and drop options, create responsive survey designs with a personal touch.

Create SMS campaigns with personalization and link tracking ability, which will allow you to reach out to your customers with time sensitive information.

But there’s just one issue with MailChimp:

The data which tells you about open rates and clicks remains inside MailChimp, and the data does not loop back to Pipedrive. If your sales team wants to know who clicked or opened your emails, they would need to visit MailChimp first, and for that, they need to ask the marketing team. Apparently, this is an extra step that one must not always consider.

 How MailChimp Helps:

 Sending one-off emails to segments defined using Pipedrive filters. 

  • The basic email sequences are sound. 

Where It Does Not Help:

  • Not displaying responses to email campaigns in Pipedrive.
  • Triggered email sequences, where email content and flow depends on email behaviour of Pipedrive sales stage.
  • Minor insights except for campaign statistics from MailChimp.
  • Syncing email and CRM lists.

Drip is excellent for event-based and elaborative email sequences, but getting data from Pipedrive into it might not be very hassle-free.

Drip’s integration with Pipedrive will create new deals from your Drip’s subscribers which are based on the triggers that you choose. For example, you may need to create a new deal for customers who have completed a particular email campaign or have opened specific emails.

Drip works great for elaborating event-based email sequences, if you have a large number of leads and enough great content, tracking for enabling complex email journeys.

Reasons Why We Like Drip 

  • Because of the email sequences where content and email flow depends upon the pages visited, email behaviour and other relevant data. (you only need to understand how to configure Pipedrive)
  • Creating new contacts or deals based upon how many emails were opened and clicked.
  • It is a rigid leads database that can effectively complement your customer database in Pipedrive.
  • Multi-channel flows, when you need to send messages or postcards.

Web Related Integration for Pipedrive 


Once you’ve your email marketing sorted, the next step is definitely web-related integrations.

As per our researchers, here we have few features marketers frequently look for setting up on the web if we talk about marketing automation:

  • Website visitor tracking: watching out for which lead visits which page on your website.
  • Forms to capture leads: it allows leads for indicating interest in your products or the content.
  • Landing Pages: creating landing pages for various topics or segments.
  • Personalization of Content:
  • Chat: robot or human-powered interaction with potential customers or leads on your website.

New Update in Pipedrive


A brand new update for Lead Inbox: activity based updates for creating contacts, cleverly designed to provide to with important details about leads and easy to use.


  • Available to users using any Pipedrive plan
  • Pipeline performance will be progressively rolled out with new functionalities i.e. custom fields, recurring revenue etc.
  • The progress tab will get replaced in Q3

Gmail Add On - will be available for everyone post March.

Notes - you can now upload images in notes.

Automated Chatbot 


Catch hot web leads before they bounce off from your website with the help of Leadbooster.

Do you rely on prospects providing you with their information for acquiring web leads? So, one of the salespeople can initiate the contact? You’re missing out on many opportunities for capturing and qualifying quality leads if you don’t have a chatbot.

The leads need to be organized and manually assigned to a salesperson in your CRM; all of this process requires many manual hours and meanwhile, you can also lose the customers.

When it comes to sales, the faster you respond to your leads, the more likely it is to convert into a customer.

Did you know? You can engage web visitors immediately by asking them a few questions? Then you can have them automatically move to where you want in Pipedrive.

LeadBooster will be 24/7 at your Lead Delivery Service - a conversational chatbot that will enable your business to qualify more leads book meetings, and close deals fast automatically.

Facebook Lead Automation 


Do you get many leads from Facebook? Save time by automatically collecting Facebook Leads in Pipedrive.

Speed is essential when you want to reach out to new engaged users, and people forget things very quickly. Facebook lead automation will keep you moving quickly as more leads come with your Facebook ad campaigns.

Automation is great for saving time and will take the load off from your sales reps so that they can endeavour relationships with clients and close more deals.

Automation is useful for saving time, but it must not remove the human element from your sales process, as it narrows the chances of making a sale.

As a sales rep, getting ads in front of the target market is essential, and this is something that differentiates Facebook Ads as it allows you to:

As a salesperson, you need to get your ads in front of your target market. This is what differentiates Facebook advertising, which will enable you to:

  • Tap into recent purchase behaviour
  • Get creative with the life-event targeting
  • Use custom audiences to nurture leads and build loyalty
  • Create a lookalike audience
  • Real people, real relationships

By combining Facebook Lead Ads and Pipedrive, you will be able to create a lead directly inside your sales pipeline from Facebook Lead Generation ads. These leads have names and contact details, and they are an excellent way of increasing sales and bringing in the human element in critical stages.

Cloudify is an official partner with both Zapier and Pipedrive and has integrated them for many of our clients. By connecting leads ads directly to the sales pipeline, you will eliminate the risk of losing interested prospects, meanwhile ensuring follow-ups with the ones that show interest in your product.

Leads will be automatically created in your sales pipeline so that a sales rep can call and take the follow-up. This will allow them to be transitioned into your sales cycle, without any deals falling out from the pipeline.

Whenever a Facebook lead comes, a person will be automatically created in Pipedrive.

What Choose Cloudify for Marketing Automation Integrations for Pipedrive?

Cloudify is an official Elite partner with Pipedrive and has done custom marketing automations for our clients who use Pipedrive, so it doesn’t mean where your deals are coming from and which systems are involved - our experts are capable of designing a custom marketing automation plan for you.

Looking for a custom Marketing Automation Plan for Pipedrive? Visit our and BOOK A FREE CONSULTATION at with our Pipedrive & automation experts. 


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