Things you should take in consideration before implementing a CRM system

DOs and Don'ts before CRM implementation.

Things you should take in consideration before implementing CRM

Choosing the right CRM system is the first step in improving your processes and execution of a CRM implementation comes in second place. Many organizations want to implement CRM in their system or sales CRM in their sales process but fail to execute it properly. 

 Correct CRM implementation increases the growth of your organization, and likewise, poor CRM implementation can make it worse. So it is important not to mess up while implementing CRM. 

So, before proceeding for CRM implementation, you need to ask yourself a question:

  •  What do you want your CRM to accomplish? 

You need to understand what you want to accomplish with your CRM. Is it increased sales, better project management, transparency of communication within the organization, improved customer service. The objectives can be many. 

  •  If you are not professional, then consider a CRM implementation Expert

 Choosing an expert to do the job will ensure correct configuration with respect to use and processes within the company. Correct data migration of existing data and proper education as to how to use the system.

     Mistakes you need to avoid during a CRM implementation

  •  Excessive data input - There are times when your sales rep or marketing reps start saving unnecessary data. Excessive data inputs with no requirements can create confusion and make process troublesome. 
  • Failure of goal communication - Everybody has there objective before implementing CRM into there system. Clear communication of goals is the key to successful CRM implementation. 
  • Improper data migration - classic examples are not including all data sources, incorrect mapping of data, forgetting to "clean" the data that is to be migrated. All this can hinder your CRM system to work properly and efficient. 
  • Not integrating with other systems - Maximizing productivity and effeciency is one of the primary goals behind implementing a CRM system. Not integrating your other systems with CRM will fail the purpose of CRM implementation.   

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Hubspot CRM implementation 

Salesforce has changed the outbound salesforce, and HubSpot just did the opposite of it. HubSpot works for inbound marketing. Their approach is to Attract, Engage and delight. Hubspot offers various marketing solutions and combines them in one. 

  • Hubspot CRM 
  • Things need to remember while implementing Hubspot CRM 
  • Mistakes Need to avoid while implementing Hubspot CRM 


Hubspot CRM - Hubspot offers CRM in 5 different tiers-:

  • Hubspot Free - It comes with fundamental tools like Dashboards, Contacts, Companies, DealsTasks and many other basic sales tools. 
  • Hubspot Starter - This Hubspot plan is suited for small business and comes with few advanced tools like Ad management, Live chat, Conversational bots Forms, Pop-up form and few more marketing tools. 
  • Hubspot Basic - Hubspot basic plan is also known as Starter + CMS (content management system) plan, which comes with tools for creating content and SEO optimization.
  • Hubspot Professional - This Hubspot plan offers all previous features and personalized marketing automation, landing pages optimization and revenue measurement.  
  • Hubspot Enterprises - Hubspot Enterprises plan is a complete suite for inbound marketing and managing teams across all the regions. 

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Things you should take in consideration while implementing Hubspot CRM 

  • Set up S.M.A.R.T Goals - S.M.A.R.T goals stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely goals. It is essential to set specific goals while implementing Hubspot CRM. 
  •  Interpret the sales process - Understanding of entire business process and sales process can give you more insight about the process that can be simplified with integration and can be automated. 
  •  Data Migration - While moving data into Hubspot CRM, it is vital to clean the data because there is no need for unwanted data. When you are dealing with a large database, make sure to move it in the segments. 

   Organization’s data is a very valuable asset, and it is important to take precautions and risk management while doing the Data migration. 

  •  Integration - Planning a proper integration can save your money and make your process more seamless. 
  • Automation - Business automation can save a heck of a time and impacts on your productivity positively. When you are implementing CRM in your system, going through the business process and sales process, it is essential to list down the opportunities of automation because of most of the saas services allows the integration. Automation liberates your organization with repetitive tasks such as sending an email, invoicing process, inventory management and many more. 

           Pipedrive CRM implementation

Pipedrive CRM is a sales CRM with various integrations and a set of rich features. It is one of the robust sales CRM for SMBs.   

                         Pipedrive CRM - Pipedrive offers CRM in 4 tiers-:  

  • Pipedrive Essential - This is the most basic plan of Pipedrive. It includes the functionalities like web forms for lead generation(with Pipedrive branding), sales automation. Pipedrive Essential is limited and does not have features like Pipedrive Caller, Advanced deal and contact visibility settings.  
  • Pipedrive Advanced - This Pipedrive plan contains non -branded Pipedrive lead form, Products catalogue, Two-way email sync, Email tracking, Customizable signatures and many more features. 
  • Pipedrive Professional - This plan contains all the features of Pipedrive whether it is Pipedrive Caller, Control visibility, Team reports and goals, Sales insights mobile app, Customizable dashboards and many more features.  
  • Pipedrive Enterprises - It has the same features of Pipedrive professional and offers custom price for multiple users to give them a custom quote. 

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Things need to remember before implementing Pipedrive CRM -:

  • Discussion with Sales Team - For Sales CRM implementation, It is imperative to understand the friction between the Sales team and the marketing team. Discussion with the sales team can help you understand the hurdles sales rep faces, and you can have a road map of what you have to eliminate with CRM implementation and automation. 
  • Discovering the opportunities of automation - Pipedrive comes a rich set of workflows and can integrate with various apps. Automation can help sales rep focus more time on closing the deal instead of putting their efforts on mundane tasks like saving data or sending a proposal or maybe creative invoice. 

Solve360 CRM implementation

Solve360 CRM - Solve360 CRM is Collaboration and Scheduling based CRM. It is best suitable for representatives who are involved in field activities and can not access the laptop onsite. Solve CRM comes with functionalities like Task management, Secure workgroups, Contact management, Team collaboration and Customer segmentation. 

Solve360 CRM offers three plans-: 

  • Solve CRM- It comes with storage of 150 GB for all the users and best suitable for small businesses.   
  • Solve client manager - Solve client manager offers 25gb per user. Solve360’s philosophy is Centralized data pays off big time. 
  • Solve CRM + Solve Client manager - This plan is a combination of both and with the sync of Solve CRM and Solve client manager you can manage your Clients and activities related to them easily even in field jobs. This plan comes with 25 GB per user. 

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 SuperOffice CRM implementation

Superoffice CRM is for Customer service relations, sales and marketing. It comes with company management, calendar and activity management, contact management, project and document management, emails and mailing and many more. Superoffice allows you to manage sales pipeline, marketing campaigns and automated workflows. 

 Superoffice is available for Small and medium businesses and installation version available for ios, windows android platforms as well as available for web-based versions. We can say Superoffice is easy to use CRM with many functions, and it covers a 360-degree journey of a client or prospect. 

 Superoffice offers plans in 5 different tiers -: 

  •  Superoffice Standard CRM- It is the most basic plan offered by Superoffice and offers functionalities like Contacts and Calendar management, Emails, Mobile CRM, Segmentation and Reporting. 
  • Super office Marketing - This plan includes Superoffice standard CRM plan and other advanced features such as Campaign Management, Campaign tracking, Email templates, Forms and Chat. 
  • SuperofficeSales - This plan includes Superoffice Standard CRM and includes functionalities: Forecasting, Pipeline management, Quote management and Chat.  
  • Superoffice Service - This plan is specially designed for handling customer queries and raising tickets. It comes with Superoffice standard CRM + features like Chat Tickets, Prioritizing Knowledge and base Chat.
  • Superoffice Complete CRM - Superoffice complete CRM is a combined package of Superoffice Standard, Superoffice marketing, Superoffie sales, and Superoffice service. 

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   Things you need to know before the implementation of Superoffice CRM

  Opting for CRM is a well-planned strategy and part of the business growth strategy. Choosing a suitable CRM for your business is not sufficient; implementation and adoption of CRM are also important factors. Nearly 55% 75% CRM implementation fails due to poor adoption.

 Superoffice implementation strategy contains four steps:- 

  •  Identify the needs - Discuss with the organization’s management and team to identify their needs. It will give insight into the challenges of management and team.
  •  Start with a Plan - When you have a proper understanding of challenges, prepare a plan and strategies.  
  • Create a flow - After strategizing, it is important to create a flow of your activities to avoid any confusion related to decision making. 
  • Implement - This is where your CRM implementation begins according to your flow. 


   Freshsale CRM implementation

Freshsales CRM is offered by Freshworks, which is one of the fastest-growing companies. Freshsales CRM is cloud-based CRM with an intuitive user interface and easy to use. Its key feature includes One-click phone; sales lead tracking, sales management, event tracking and many more other features. 

  Freshsales offers its plan in 5 Tiers-:

  • Freshsales Sprout - It is forever free plan and comes with features like an Unlimited number of users Leads, Contacts, Deals, Accounts, Email, Built-in phone, Integrations. Mobile apps and many more features.   
  • Freshsales Blossom - This plan comes with more advanced features like contact management, Pipeline management, Workflows, 250 bulk emails, Caller feature, Integration marketplace and many more other useful features.  
  • Freshsales Garden - This plan is more advanced with features like Lead Scoring 15 Intelligent Workflows Advanced Reporting, Integrations, Marketplace, iPhone and Android Apps, Gmail Add-on, Territories and Lead assignment, Advanced CRM, customization and features from Freshsales Blossom. 
  • Freshsales Estate - This version of Freshsales comes with Freshsales Garden functionalities and Auto profile enrichment, Reports Dashboard, Smartforms and event tracking, Multi-currency.
  • Freshsales Forest - This plan includes Freshsales Estate functionalities and EUC Data Center, IP Whitelisting, Audit Logs. 

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  Implementation of Freshsales CRM is just like other CRM implementation. It is essential to understand the challenges management and reps are facing and building strategy according to it. 

Correct implementation of CRM can directly impact the productivity and revenue. 75% of implementation fail because of poor adoption. It is important to consult a professional because of a single integration which you haven’t thought of can save shiploads of time. 

To make CRM implementation successful, it is important to make sure the organization management team buys it. Preparing the plan for data cleaning, possible integrations and activities and Adoption of CRM by team what makes a CRM implementation a successful CRM implementation. 

Cloudify has more than seven years of experience in CRM implementation, CRM integration and Data migration from one CRM to another CRM. We are official partners Hubspot, Pipedrive, Solve360 and Superoffice. Book a free consultation for workflow automation, CRM integration and implementation queries. 

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