Say Goodbye to Silos and Hello to Collaboration with SuperOffice

SuperOffice CRM helps in marketing, sales and supports the teams in collaborating and sharing information.

SuperOffice Implementation with Cloudify

A CRM is any company’s most valuable asset, and SuperOffice is among the most used and advanced tools available in the market. SuperOffice is famous for CRM but has impressive sales, marketing and service products.

We are officially partnered with SuperOffice, and our experts acquire excellent knowledge about its products and features. What makes us stand apart is our customer-centric approach, we will not make any irrelevant implementations but rather analyze your business and its current manual or system-based processes. We will recommend and design a customized and effective CRM management process as per your business’s needs that align with your marketing and sales processes.

Then we implement those CRM processes and systems, based on run and error, we fix every error until and unless the implementations and systems are functioning smoothly. You can rely on us for migrating your current CRM data to SalesOffice. Cloudify also assists in automating your business processes by connecting SuperOffice CRM with other necessary systems like Salesforce, GSuite, e-conomic and Outlook etc.

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Some of the Most Popular Features of SuperOffice

All Your Customer Data & Conversations in one place

All Your Customer Data & Conversations in one place

One of the significant features of SuperOffice is that it helps you in keeping all your customer information in one place. From emails, phone calls, contact details to meeting notes or documents. The best part is everyone in your organization can have access to the critical customer information in a click.

Have Everyone on the Same Page with Shared Calendar

Use the shared calendar in SuperOffice for Scheduling activities, planning projects, sharing information and tracking availability. Teams can compare their availability against the availability of their correspondent members. If they are busy, the system will automatically allocate them an alternative date, and you can also track appointments to see what happened.

Fantastic CRM Functionality that Collaborates with Others

SuperOffice comes with some fantastic features, including marketing, sales and services. Create customized professional campaigns, increase conversion rates. Improve your forecasting accuracy, manage pipeline and close more deals while keeping track of your sales activities. Act quickly on any customer request regardless of the channel with Service features.

SuperOffice can be Integrated with Multiple Apps & Integrations.

Work with tools you already have, and it can be integrated with hundreds of apps that you use, including GSuite, e-conomic, outlook and many more. Check out what its partners have to offer from standard modules, integrations to services that make your SuperOffice solution deem fit your needs. Use their API’s to build anything you want, from integrations to add-ons.

Comes with the flexibility to meet the company’s needs

SuperOffice offers super flexibility; it can be configured to match your organization’s individual needs to reflect the way you do your business. With SuperMacros, you will get accessibility to a library of pre-defined triggers and workflows for automating core marketing, sales, service and admin processes to increase efficiency.

No Account Limits & Can be Accessed on Any Device

Whether you’re storing 100 customers or one million customers data, the price you pay per person will always be the same. SupeOffice CRM is available on desktop (Cloud), mobile (android and iOS) and tablet. Everyone in your organization can update the CRM in real-time from anywhere at any time.

Some of the amazing products of SuperOffice

  • Marketing

    SuperOffice marketing offers everything you need for generating more leads, provides you with the right tools you need, such as web forms and targeted email marketing. No matter if the source is an email, web form or direct email, it allows you to store leads in one central location. Send personalized campaigns, newsletters and tailor the content according to customers.

  • Sales

    Loaded with features that will make you perform better, SuperOffice comes with powerful sales features that will help you in improving your forecasting accuracy and managing your pipeline. It offers sales opportunity management so that you never lose track of any deal, sales guide for creating a defined sales process, the sales secretary with handy to-do lists and smart, automated alerts and SuperOffice chat to turn prospects into customers.

  • Services

    Handle and respond to every customer’s request and show them that they matter to you with SuperOffice service features. Its robust functionality will help you in keeping track of all queries and answer them as soon as they come, via phone, chat, email, webforms or social media. Automated ticket management, all communication shared in one database, automated routing and escalation with dashboards reporting.

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Cloudify is officially partnered with Superoffice. Our team of experts have been implementing Superoffice integrations for years and occupy the right skills & approach that can help you in taking your business to its full potential.

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