Make Record-Keeping, Scheduling, Information Sharing & Communication Easy with Solve360

Solve360 Implementation with Cloudify

A CRM is an organization’s most valuable asset, and Solve360 is one among the most effective and advanced CRM tools used by numerous organizations.

We officially partnered with Solve360, and our experts have been working with it since years and acquire excellent knowledge about all of its features. Unlike others, we do not make any irrelevant implementations in your business. Our approach is entirely customer-centric; this is what sets us apart from the competition. Before making any implementations, we first analyze your business and its existing processes, whether they’re manual or system based.

After analyzing, we recommend and design a custom CRM management process according to your business requirements that align with your sales and marketing processes. Then we implement the right CRM processes and system that deem fit as per your business needs. We don’t leave until and unless your systems are up and running without any errors or dysfunctions; once it is functioning smoothly, we finalize those implementations. Apart from this, we will take care of migrating your data from your existing systems to Solve360. We can also assist in making custom integrations and workflows with other necessary apps and automate them to save your time, money and improve the efficiency of your employees.

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Some amazing features of Solve360

Ready to use activity templates

Automating repetitive activities will save your precious time and squeeze out the human error. It has built-in activity templates, which are reusable sets of actions that are performed regularly. Discover the best and easiest practices, share and save them with the team so that they follow the same process.

Category Tags & Custom Fields

The more you know about your customers, the better it will be for you to segment and serve them. Solve CRM comes packed with unlimited custom fields giving you the leverage to record any customer information you want. Use smart tags for categorizing customer information give them the right context.

Comes Pre-Integrated with Cloud Applications

Solve CRM comes pre-integrated with a list of numerous amazing web applications while offering your team many business tools. Integrating apps will provide value to your business as it allows for a single interface like Mailchimp or Freshbooks to keep your staff focused on making better decisions.

Link Emails

Team members have the information which is critical for your business locked in their email accounts. Solve CRM will help you in systematically link their emails to companies, contacts and projects so that you can share it with your whole team. So that while interacting with clients, team members will be able to pick up where other people left and maintain communications. it’s a highly customisable tool – extra custom fields , custom tags

Update & Report Activities

With so much happening inside your business, you might need reports and lists to pull up things together, so you have a bigger picture. Solve CRM activity reports will tell you all this in a glace, what has been done, or what needs to get rolling. Opportunity reports, to-dodo lists, team calendars and more. You can also update the things on the spot so that you don’t lose the flow.

24 X 7 Access on Any Device

Opportunities are available to us all the time, so when they come knocking at your door. You should welcome them any time and serve them a five-course meal. The same goes for a business opportunity, just because you aren’t in office does not mean you have to miss a potential customer. You can access Solve360 anywhere, anytime and on any device. Work while travelling, keep your team in sync and check project updates with Solve360’s mobile app.

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