Services – Find help with Selecting, Integrating  & Operating your CLOUD SOLUTION

Cloudify is your integration partner – we are your full service provider optimizing your business processes across your value chain using Cloud Software.

We find our unique strength in our deep understanding of business. Your guaranty: We’ll understand your business and we’ll be able to upgrade it – based on our broad knowledge of Cloud products and data integration.

We have expert knowledge of several market leading cloud-based software solutions – In many cases we use Zapier to integrate them.

Our Point of departure is your business processes across the value chain. This ensures you our advice and consultancy  always have focus on the bottom line.

We never talk “technique” but always focus on the goal.


We only do 3 things – and always all the way

We help you choose the cloud-based software solutions that best suits your business.

We help to integrate these systems and automate your data flow and processes.

Drive and maintain your future data integration needs.

Consultancy about cloud software

Cloudify: Our consultcy connects your processes through Cloud Software to optimize our processes & save you money on administration. We researched many of the SaaS vendors who are in the market. If these technology providers do not meet your needs, we find one that does. We are experts in the many business apps – most of whom you find on Zapier, Boomi, Informatica and other iPaaS-platforms.

Integration of your cloud software

Cloudify is your integration partner (iPaaS). Integrating the software you use every day to run your business doesn’t have to be rocket science – we speak a language you will understand. The platform we use is not important – The only thing that counts, is our goal-orientated focus on your benefits. We have solutions suited for businesses of all sizes and with all sorts of needs. Our team consists of seasoned cloud people. We think it is fun (while we take it seriously) to make integrations because we love it. You deserve your data and your processes are cared for by people who do what they do best and love working with cloud – so you can do what you do best – grow your business. We are proud partners with Zapier, Cyclr, Workato and PieSync which we use to provide services to our premium integration customers.

Operation of cloud software

Cloudify is a full service firm we maintains our customer’s SaaS infrastructure. This means you won’t have to have expensive resources inhouse to maintain your data. We handle your day to day data integration needs. We already know your systems and we know the integration platform. This means we can help you quickly and at much lower cost than having your own people or by using expensive consultants. We provide SLA, up time, server load balancing, etc. On the services we provider. We also ensure GDPR Compliance and Data Processor agreements are in place. Most of our customers buy a voucher of between 5-15 hours per month to have peace of mind. So they know we are poised to ensure that our customers’ integrations will continue to run smoothly. And if unforeseen events occur, we have experts on standby to get things corrected quickly.

Change management

We help you adapt and expand your business. Change management is often a part of our solutions. We love to dive into you business and do all the hard work for you. Change management makes it much easier for your people to take on your new processes. Worst case scenario is the risk that your employees develop their own shadow-IT, where the data on your customers can get to lie in the wrong places, in violation of GDPR. We’ll do it right the first time.

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