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Have you ever lost track of your leads? 

A salesperson's worst nightmare is probably forgetting about the leads. Whether it's missing an appointment, mixing up deals or losing sight of a deal, which is just an inch away from converting into a customer. Forgetting about things is probably a salesman's worst enemy. 

If we look at the bigger picture, every aspect of the business, whether it's tweaking a product or creating a buzz about it - everything contributes to the overall success of any business. While there must be plenty of opportunities for growth, that means there is a lot of which you need to keep track of.

For growing business and building an efficient sales team - authorities need visibility across your entire sales process, and every salesperson in the organization needs to be aligned

But complex management systems create a lot of chaos, making things unmanageable, and this is why the salespeople developed Pipedrive - a simple and user friendly. Pipedrive will keep your team focused on the right data and activities, which matter. 

But Before Implementing a CRM System, There's One More Important Thing You Need Beforehand - A Sales Strategy 

If you want your business to reach its full potential, having a sales strategy before you implement Pipedrive would be the wisest decision. As a sales strategy is a tactical blueprint of how the businesses will increase revenue, sales and profits.  It will also help you in having a better understanding of your potential customers and how to communicate so that they turn into customers. 

Pipedrive can also be implemented without a Sales Strategy, Forecasting or Goals but that will not be good for the long run. Apart from a sales strategy, Pipedrive comes stacked with sales tools like forecasting and insights, which are essential for any sales team and management. Automate anything with Pipedrive, and it can be seamlessly integrated with many apps and systems. 

What makes Cloudify the go-to CRM Consultant when it comes to Pipedrive? 

We are Pipedrive's elite partner and certified reseller, have implemented Pipedrive in many companies. We totally understand that each business has its own unique business needs. Therefore for the clients who chose us for Pipedrive implementation - we took a custom approach by understanding their business and the way they operate along with the systems that were involved. And then tailor-made an implementation plan that deemed fit their business needs. 

Cloudify's Pipedrive Plan Includes: 


  1. Extended 45 Day Trial 
  2. 30 minutes upstart Pipedrive consultation with our Pipedrive expert, in which they will analyze your business and guide you with best practices for Pipedrive implementation in reference to your business processes and needs. 
  3. 30 minutes of evaluation meeting, where our experts will go through the configuration and make recommendations about what's missing and should be added before rolling it out on both individual and company level. 
  4. All the features and advantages of Pipedrive 

So, what are you waiting for? 

Start your 45-day Pipedrive trial using this link . Once you sign up for the trial, you will receive pipedrive promo code CA-Cloudify using which you will be able to avail the benefits. 

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