Keep your Customer Data 2-way in Sync Across All Your Business Apps and Devices.

Save hours of manual data entry. No coding required.

What is Piesync?

PieSync is reliable, cloud-based software which has been developed for filling the gaps present inside cloud applications. It uses an Intelligent 2-way Contact sync technology for syncing contacts between marketing and CRM apps.

Piesync Integration with Cloudify

Piesync helps in syncing data between numerous cloud apps including MS Dynamics, Pipedrive, SugarCRM, BaseCRM, Zoho, Highrise, Insightly, HubSpot, Active Campaign, SalesforceIQ, MailChimp, InfusionSoft, ProsperWorks, etc. It ensures that its users have the most updated customer information no matter where you are and who has entered their data. Anything that gets updated inside one application automatically gets added and updated in the other applications.

By using this, you can cut down on the resources as it minimizes your cost of contact management. It gives the leverage of managing multiple applications from a single app to account managers, sales team, CRM users. The integration of apps leads to a smooth flow of data in a transparent and well-organized way. You have the power to stop the process at any time, as it gives you the control to sync, update and monitor contacts via the dashboard.

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Integration to Empower Every Team

Easy to Set Up & Can Be Used with Custom Features

All you have to do is enter email, name and choose the cloud apps and type of connection. Hit the “synchronizing button” to start the process, and it also has an innovative custom syncing option.

Saves time

Once the process of syncing is performed, your employees will be able to save their time which is spent on manually entering and extracting customer data and invest it on other important tasks.

Enhances Customer Service

The most important thing for an organization is customer data for delivering better customer experience. Piesync will provide you with consistent and relevant information for generating leads and manage customer relationships.

Improves Productivity of your Employees

No more looking at the snippets of information in multiple applications to finish routine operations like “invoices” as Piesync gives you access to data at the ease of your fingertips.

Ensures the Consistency & Authenticity of Data

We all know how hectic and confusing manual management of data could be as it is more prone to have errors and duplicacy but when it comes to piesync – once the data has been entered, it remains error-free and updated.

Segment Customers & Elevate Business Performance

You can create tags, labels, categories in the accounting apps that will help you in refining CRM segmentation. It will help you in sales and marketing activities and targeting the right audience. Also your business will boom if you have a clear picture of all the interactions across each department.

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