Microsoft Power Automate

Be More Productive, Automate Repetitive Tasks with Microsoft Power Automate

Microsoft Flow CRM Integration with Cloudify

Microsoft Flow, now known as Power Automate, is a versatile cloud-based software which seamlessly integrates with numerous services and apps. It has specifically functional integration to Microsoft products. Office 365 and Microsoft Dynamics are reducing repetitive manual tasks while automating all the manual processes.

Microsoft Flow’s sole purpose is to automate your routine processes. These processes or tasks could be the ones that you use continuously while working or in your business. It supports automating workflows and interactions between more than 100 apps like Dropbox, Twitter, Basecamp, Github, and Salesforce. It all begins with a trigger event and ends up with an action taken in response to the event. Work smartly while saving your time and being more efficient.

Anyone can use it for simplifying the work from business owners, entrepreneurs, small scale business owners or employees, Microsoft flow has a solution to automate all your possible manual processes. But when it is about more complex processes and custom workflows, then you need experts who will do them for you as per your company’s needs, that’s where Cloudify comes in with its expertise. Below are some examples of how Microsoft Flow can help you in automating processes for your routine tasks.

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Easy to use Interface

You don’t have to be a developer to use flow, it is super easy to use as it was designed for non-developers. So, anyone who does not have a technical background but wants to enjoy automated processes can use it.

Get Automatic Notifications to Not Miss Out on Important things

Get yourself notified every time something happens. You can customize these notifications as per your convenience as they could be an email, a text message or a push notification that pops up.

Copy Files from One Drive to Other

We all use drives to save our important data in common drives like Onedrive, Google Drive or Dropbox. Have you got into trouble and had to download all the data to upload the same on a different drive? Microsoft flow has got you covered, you can move files from storage to another hassle free.

Collecting Data has never been this easy

Tracking your competitor’s social media strategies, posts and content just got easier. Automate the process of collecting data and storing with Microsoft flow and save your time.

Invite Guest Users for approvals

Getting approvals from people who belong to different organizations could be very problematic because they can be done only by the people who belong to your organization. Microsoft flow lets you invite guest users to participate in all the processes

Flow Checker for Creating Error Free Flows

This one feature will help you in creating high quality flows as it ensures you follow the best measures. You can run the checker and for every issue, it points to occurrences that require improvements.

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