Marketing Automation

Put all your marketing activities on autopilot mode

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation means automating or putting all your marketing activities on autopilot mode with the help of software. It gives you the ability to engage, better target and generates leads in meaningful ways. It’s all about automating multiple marketing processes within the marketing discipline, which includes lead management, automated newsletters, customer segmentation by automatically moving data from one system to another based on set of rules.

Many marketing departments automate their repetitive tasks like social media postings, email marketing, social media postings and ad campaigns for providing their customers a personalized experience and improving efficiency. Cloudify automates the mundane daily routine tasks so that marketers can focus on better things.

Unlike automating other processes like manufacturing, a marketing automation system does not make a marketer’s job irrelevant rather makes them effective. It frees up their time so that they can focus on growing business instead of administering it while maintaining the quality of their marketing campaigns.

As the ultimate goal of any company is to generate more revenue with their marketing campaigns. To accomplish this they need to drive more traffic on their website, convert them into leads and close the leads making them customers. Whereas when it comes to marketing automation, it does make an impact on the conversion and closure stages of marketing automation ensuring no leads are forgotten or gone. It also helps organizations in reaching their goals faster with prominent and measurable results.

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Email Marketing Automation

Despite being one among the oldest form of digital marketing, email marketing is still one of the most effective marketing tactics that provide maximum ROI to the businesses. It’s not a surprise that why millions of enterprises use it as the most common digital marketing channel. But the biggest issue with email marketing is scalability, that is where email marketing software enters.

Email marketing apps/tools allow you in automating the messages you want to send to your contacts whether they are based on different parameters like amount purchased or product purchased etc (that are initiated by the receiver) or (sender). These automation tools helps in facilitating large-scale distribution of personalized messages that too with visible performance dashboards.

You can personalize the subject lines, body texts and CTA’s according to your customers’ journey, which will also enhance their user experience.

Social Media Automation

Social media is one among the best channels for businesses to reach out and engage with their target audience. It was commonly used for giving quick updates about business, blogs and sometimes products and services but if we look at the current scenario, things have changed drastically. Now businesses are getting ahead by keeping promotional content to the minimal and rather just using social media for posting engaging content and reflect brand personality.

For example, you need to share new content across your social media platforms, we will help you in setting up triggers for automating the process, like auto-sharing your new Instagram and WordPress posts to your Facebook page. We can create custom integrations and automate them for your social media networks in a way that – you will get a notification on slack if someone mentions you on twitter, facebook or leaves a comment on your WordPress website, those posts will get automatically saved in google spreadsheet with name, time and date – you can reply back to them at your ease.

Lead Management Automation

Lead management refers to the process of capturing leads, track their behaviour and activities, qualifying and categorizing them, nurturing them by giving constant attention and closing leads. As we know now traffic comes from many platforms, lead capture automation automatically captures the leads in your system with accurate data. Then the automation keeps a track on their activities and behaviours for valuable insights, after this, they are distributed across or assigned to the most relevant salesperson for a consistent experience. Not all leads would get closed on time, so putting them into lead nurturing phase will increase the chances of closing the deal in future, as this will keep them in the loop.

We can help you in creating custom lead management automation for your organization, for example – if you have more leads coming from facebook or google ads, by setting up triggers it will automatically go to CRM and then to Mailchimp list. CRM like Pipedrive and Shopify order will go inventory management software like Tradegecko.

Custom Marketing Automation

Cloudify will help you in custom marketing automation, which means creating a custom marketing plan for your organization as per its requirements. It is totally based on the research and analysis of the current marketing processes in your organization, where we observe and find the loopholes in the current one whether they are manual or system based.

A custom approach is where we pick up and choose different points and solutions for achieving specific functions features that your business requires for meeting your business goals and marketing strategies. We create, implement and automate custom workflows to support your marketing strategies. So that your customers get a more personalized experience and you can save time, cost and effort.

For example – If your company wants to focus on social media strategies but most of the time goes on monitoring them. We can create custom integrations, so whenever you receive a message or comment on Instagram, you get notified on slack – so that you can reply to them at your ease. Or you receive more leads from facebook ads, then those lead ads can automatically get added to CRM then mailchimp list.

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