Reduce cost, time, complexity and risk of delayed payments

Invoice Automation

Reduce cost, time, complexity and risk of delayed payments involved in scanning, routing or approving invoices with Invoice automation.

Invoice Automation with Cloudify

Cloudify is official partners with leading Accounting software e-conomic and our team has a great understanding of Xero, Freshbooks and Quickbooks. This is why we analyze your business’s current workflows and processes, whether human or system based. Then we make recommendations to improvise them with integrations wherever needed as per the size or requirements of your company, and then we implement software along with automation.

We work for you to make your existing systems function more effectively, for reducing costs and time. We will help you in custom integrations and creating custom workflows that deem to your business’s needs. Our solutions deliver more than any other average solution provider, and we have the skills and experience to assist you with your business’s invoice scanning, invoice matching and invoice management needs.

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Invoice Process Automation

Invoice automation means automating invoice processes by integrating workflows and invoice matching products or software in your existing systems that remove the manual and repetitive tasks or processes.

Save Time

Reduce invoice processing time and eliminate chasing people, resource overhead and manual data entry processes.

Timely Approvals

Reduce the risk of delayed payments, ensure approving payments before deadlines with automated notifications and process flow.

Automated Data Capturing

The technology effortlessly captures and uploads accurate data in the system, also matches the invoices with your suppliers and vendors.

Simplify Workflow

After implementation, we plan the future data needs and recommend updates

Gain Better Visibility and Control

Have access to real-time, detailed invoices and reporting, gain full access and visibility to cash flow, forecasting and activities.

Detailed Spend Insights

Gain an in-depth insight into your spending via an interactive dashboard and visual reports.

Platform we work with

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