Manage, Monitor and Maintain your stocks easily

Whether they are raw materials, company assets, finished goods or supplies with Inventory Management System.

Implementation of Inventory Management Systems with Cloudify

We have excellent knowledge of several leading inventory management systems. Cloudify does not randomly implement any inventory management system in your organization. Instead analyze your business and its processes, whether they are system-based or manual and see which tasks can be automated. We design and recommend custom inventory management processes, systems keeping your business needs in concern, implement the same in your organization.

After implementing and automating the right inventory management systems and processes, we look for the errors that hinder the functioning and operations and don’t leave until unless the systems are up and running. Now save time and money, prevent the dreaded headache of keeping track of your assets, focus on what matters.

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Benefits of Inventory Management System

Inventory Control & Optimization

Happy customers mean more revenue, send personalized and compelling content at each stage throughout your customer’s journey as per their interests and behaviours.

Warehouse Management

Manage multiple inventory locations and warehouses across all geographical areas with the help of a single platform. Transfer stock between those warehouses, receive orders and fulfil them through the adequate warehouses

Sales Report & Price List Management

Managing product prices is a crucial part of running a business. Inventory management software allows you to manage customized price lists in multiple currencies for different customer types and product categories.

Order and Multi-Channel Sales Management

Synchronize your orders along with the inventory and sales reports to increase the efficiency of your business straight away from order creation and fulfilment. It will also serve as a common hub for managing orders and inventory for your sales channels effortlessly and efficiently on marketplaces, B2B and B2C eCommerce platforms.

Wholesale Inventory Management

Take bulk orders with your private and automated wholesale ordering platform, which is customized as per your brand and customers. Generate sales orders, create and email sales quotes and offer self-service to existing customers.

CRM & Accounting

Keep your supplier and customer data in one place, automatically record purchase history and order, understand customer behaviours to provide a more personal experience. It seamlessly integrates with your order and inventory management systems to automate invoicing and provide visibility over profits and costs with multi-currency pricing.

Some of the Popular Inventory Management Systems


TradeGecko is one among the most prominent inventory management systems that lets you take complete control over your business including, customers, products and orders while providing you insights at once place.


Increase sales and have an eye on each unit with this powerful stock management, inventory control and order fulfillment software. It also helps you in managing online and offline orders, getting real time shipping rates, in transit details and can be easily integrated with accounting and CRM software.

Quickbooks Inventory Management System

Quickbooks makes your inventory management easy and hassle free. It automatically updates the quantity of your inventory when you buy or sell products. Provides you with real time inventory valuation and keeps a track of your orders from multiple vendors, saves their data at one place.

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