The Cloudify Approach

Integration is the key to any customer centric approach so that all touch points are aware of requirements, changes or edits together. With iPaaS, Cloudify is able to integrate cloud systems across disciplines to move data across your value chain. And the iPaaS advantage works to answer integrations & automations like,

  • Linking generated leads with sales systems
  • Putting across customer information to customer facing resources
  • Real time & single point folder automations for new acquisitions
  • Single point and simple access for real time business numbers, processes and reports … and much more

We are proud partners with Zapier, Microsoft Flow, Workato & PieSync

At Cloudify we use discipline-wide platforms across processes & resources, building fully integrated & automated workflows across the value chain.

Cloudify integration partners

And we do this by


Most organizations don’t know the problems they face. Cloudify analyses, identifies and rectifies.


We align, realign and build effective solutions, integrated across the chain in both systems & applications.


Once built, the solution is deployed & tested. With all redundancies, data flows, applications & validations applied, the integrated solution becomes the adaptive mainstay.

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