Attract, engage, delight and gain the trust of people that provide you value.

Hubspot is all about complimenting your inbound strategy to business. Grow your business with a more personal and helpful approach.

Hubspot Implementation with Cloudify

A CRM is probably your company’s most valuable asset, and Hubspot CRM is one among the most advanced tools available. Hubspot not only offers CRM but sales, marketing and service products that align with the CRM. An effective CRM implementation can take a lot of time and effort. Cut down the time with Cloudify.

We are official partners with Hubspot and have excellent knowledge about its every feature and products. Unlike most cloud service providers, we will not make any random implementations in your business. Instead we will analyze your business and its manual and system-based tasks and processes first. After analyzing, we design and recommend customized CRM management processes that deem fit as per your business’s needs and align with your sales and marketing processes. Then we implement the right CRM processes and systems followed by paying attention to the errors that hinder the operations and smooth functioning. We don’t finalize the implementation of processes and systems until and unless they are up and running. We will also take care of migrating your current CRM data into Hubspot. Cloudify also assists in automating your business processes by connecting Hubspot’s CRM with other necessary systems like Salesforce, WordPress, Gmail, Outlook and Zapier.

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Some amazing features offered by Hubspot

Attracts, Delights and Engages Buyers

The buyer’s journey is a cycle, and this is why it has taken inspiration from the traditional funnel. Where people move from marketing, sales and customer service, all in separate funnels but with a new way.

Adds Videos to CRM Emails

Did you know? Sending a personalized video could increase email open rates? Use the HubSpot CRM along with a microphone and camera. Record and send videos either with human faces or computer screens. As per sources, videos increase email conversions by 500%. So, send out videos that include unique information that interests your audience.

Logs & Tracks Emails Accurately

With HubSpot extension, you will immediately get a pop when an email is opened, when a link is clicked. Helps you in keeping a record of all the email communications, so that you know exactly when and how a customer interacts with your email without any human interference, helping you to be a better salesperson.

Offers the Most Customizable Marketing Workflows

It provides all-rounded features at one CRM platform while supporting integrated marketing analytics and activities. It offers workflows that are the automation processes, allowing you to use the already available contact data for creating relevant and personalized marketing. It helps in nurturing leads and sends automated emails by accessing the customer’s journey.

Content Optimization System Templates

Hubspot’s COS is just like its Content Management System, which is far better than traditional CMS’s. It brings content marketing & CMS together with ita COS templates. Its content optimization system offers dynamic, highly responsive and customizable content templates with device-friendly optimizations. It has the best tools for creating blog content, marketing emails and landing pages.

Schedule Meetings with Ease

Forget about the back and forth emails and schedule appointments faster as per your calendar. Hubspot meetings sync to your Google or Office 365 calendar so that prospects can see your availability. Send group meeting links to schedule team meetings or embed meeting links on your website. You can also set up a round-robin meeting link so that prospects can schedule a meeting with sales reps as per their schedule.

Here are just some of the tools offered by HubSpot Growth Platform.

Marketing Hub

Hubspot marketing hub has everything you need for capturing leads and turning them into customers. An all in one inbound marketing software, for engaging new people, nurturing them into leads and lock sales. Enhance your online presence, convert and nurture leads and measure the revenue. Add forms, automate email marketing, manage ads, chat live and see everything on dashboard.

Free CRM Hub

Hubspot CRM is the heart of every hub that Hubspot offers; all plans are built and carried out on the top of it. It’s a suite of software that has the potential to help your business grow better each day by integrating every team’s tools processes and data. Unify your service, sales and marketing base, share context between multiple teams while organizing and tracking customer communications.

Service Hub

Looking to provide your customers with a first-class support experience that turns them into promoters? Hubspot service hub has got you covered. It has all the adequate service tools, which will help you in connecting with customers in a better way, exceeds their expectations and turns them into promoters that would grow your business. Organize and track customer communication, delight and help customers at scale or measure and improve customer experience.

Sales Hub

Hubspot sales hub has everything you might need for closing more deals, faster. It has time-saving tools that provide you with deeper insights into your prospecting customers, automate your tasks and processes, so that you can focus on the essential things. Streamline your outreach, connect with customers on their terms, track, repeat and improve.

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Cloudify is officially partnered with Hubspot. Our team of experts have been implementing Hubspot integrations for years and occupy the right skills & approach that can help you in taking your business to its full potential.

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