How Pipedrive “Caller feature” can increase your conversion rates?

Is it worth upgrading your Pipedrive plan to Professional?

Pipedrive Caller


Pipedrive sales CRM is one of the best CRMs out there and with inbuilt features like Automation, Pipeline customization, Import, Export, field customization and many more functionalities which makes Pipedrive a robust CRM. 


Recently, Pipedrive launched a beta version Caller and increased the awesomeness for this CRM. Now your sales team can call directly to your prospect without leaving the Pipedrive dashboard, isn’t that amazing? 

 You must be thinking, So, what it is just a new feature that’s all ”, but do you know how beneficial this feature can be for you especially when you are involved with cold canvas calling. Let's look at some of the benefits of Pipedrive Calling and its features.


Call recording: Imagine, you have a sales funnel which involves three people. Even if those 3 people will share their experience with clients verbally, something surely will miss out and when it comes to sales, even minor details are important. 

 The Pipedrive call recording feature allows you to track the entire conversation, which gives a better understanding of the mindset of the prospect which eventually leads to closure. 


Notes and Call outcome: Managing the excel sheet along with an ongoing call is a troublesome and disturbing task and comes with a risk of data loss. In Pipedrive Caller feature allows you taking notes while on call for a specific deal and giving feedback at the end of the call. 


Calling Performance: Measuring the performance of the team is much easier. With a simple click, you can check how many calls have been made by each executive or in total. 


VOIP Services: Pipedrive Caller offers integration with various service providers such as Skype, SIP phone handler, Apple FaceTime call:  etc. 


How to configure your number into Pipedrive Caller?

 Connecting your service provider to the caller is not rocket science, Here is how you can do it: 


  • Navigate to Settings 
  • Under Tools click on Caller 
  • The page will be divided into three sections: Company, Users, Personal
  • Navigate to Personal 
  • Under Personal, Default calling option and Connect your number to Caller will be available.
  •  Click on Connect your number to Caller 
  • Select your country and enter your phone number.
  • Complete the verification part. 


How to add Skype, Apple Facetime, SMS or phone number?

Configuration of VoIP services is almost similar to the configuration of number. 

 Navigate to Caller and there will be a dropdown with the syntax of VoIP platforms.

 These are important Syntax you need to know-:   

  •  Skype call: skype:[number]?call
  • Skype SMS: skype:[number]?chat
  • SIP phone handler: sip:[number]
  • Apple FaceTime call: facetime://[number]
  • Default phone call handler: tel:[number]
  • Default 'callto' handler: callto:[number]
  • Default SMS handler: sms:[number]

Still, if you face trouble implementing these syntaxes or any other Pipedrive integration or implementation issue  Book A Meeting with us.  


On the contrary, It is the best time to upgrade the Pipedrive plan from Essential and Advanced to Professional, because Pipedrive is offering 5 hours of free calling or $4 credit per month for each Pipedrive Professional plan user. 


[caption id="attachment_2752" align="aligncenter" width="1024"]Pipedrive promo code Pipedrive Promo Code[/caption]

Pipedrive Professional plan comes with some amazing features like Multiple dashboards, One-click calls and call tracking, Email distribution lists and many more. 


If you are planning on implementing Pipedrive Sales CRM into your sales funnel, there are enough reasons why you should go for Pipedrive Professional plan. Signup for a trial now and don’t forget to use Promo code CA-Cloudify to avail extended trial period. 


Conclusion: We, at Cloudify, are certified Pipedrive Experts and have experience in implementing various CRMs including Pipedrive. From our experience, we can say the Pipedrive Professional plan has all the things that are necessary for a sales team. 

 The right implementation and consultation can increase your conversion rate by 10X. 

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