economic zapier integration

We have created 3 overall functionalities for e-conomic

With our custom made Zapier integration for e-conomic, you can connect any of the more than 1000 apps that Zapier supports to e-conomic and thereby open up for millions of different combinations. Save time and money and make sure your data is where it needs to be.

Create Customers

Automatically create a customers in e-conomic, when a sale is won in Pipedrive, a facebook lead comes in or however fits in your billing flow.

Create Invoice

Automatically create an invoice in e-conomics by connecting to with whatever system you have your billing data. It can even be done via an excel sheet.

Create Jouranl Entry

Automatically create a journal entry in e-conomic. Connect e-conomic to ( for example Expensify or ) and automate your bookkeeping

In the below drop-down we have selected the most used integrations for e-conomic. If you dont find the application you are looking for, you can allways write it under “Other”. All these integrations need to be configured manually by us. To have sufficient information regarding your integration, please fill out the different steps in the below form. Once you have submitted the form, we will contact you with some follow up questions to ensure, that the integration behaves in the correct way.

Select what should trigger the action
Select which action you want performed when the trigger happens

Trigger data

Action data

We will contact for futher details.

Please note that in agreement with e-conomic there is no setup and a 14 day trial for this standard integration. Other integrations or special needs are not covered by this offer and need to be agreed directly with Cloudify