We love your data. We integrate, automate and migrate your data. We make sure that your data is available where and when you need them. That will increase your employees productivity and efficiency for the benefit of them selves and your entire business. We help you choose the right SaaS products, we configure the integration, we wash your data, set up automated digital work flows and handle your future needs for data integration.

We are here to help you succeed.

The Internet is here to stay

As our name suggests – Cloudify develops cloud solutions. This is our business, because we have seen how digitization has benefited our own business:

  • Less need for administrative tasks
  •  Savings of resources on soft ware maintenance
  •  Availability 24/7
  •  Rapid and continuous development
  • Ease of integration between the systems

Our advice is based on extensive knowledge of the Cloud software market – that’s why we can select just the system exactly matching your business needs. We never recommend “one size fits all” – but always find the “best of breed” – that makes great business sense.

1  We advise on how your systems can be cloud-based

2 We connect your business processes

3 We optimize and automate

When your business grows – you may have discovered the amount of administration increases more than you would expect. We can help you streamline the processes you’re already doing. We already have 500 applications running.

  • Billing and Accounting Made Easier
  • Customer services that make your customers happier
  • Automating your marketing
  • The sales process can always be better to find easy sale
  • Mobile solutions can transform your business in so many ways
  • Dashboard gives you an overview and new tools to control

About us is managed by

Jacob Schriver


Jacob loves to optimized processes and offer advise to customers. He has a history at Cybercity, Tiscali & Yahoo! in London

Steve Klein


Steve loves to get processes to flow – preferably automatically. He has a history at World Online, Tele2 and TDC – Denmarks leading Telco.

Advise Services

Our CRM roadmap and experience in Process Design ensure that your customer service processes follow best practices and automated customer service Cloud systems.


The implementation will be made by our experienced team. We have already made many installations, so we can give you a very realistic and predictable picture of what the outcome will be

Change management

The efficiency of your new processes will be improved by getting users’ involvement and thus become our change management services embedded into the organization.

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