Dont loose track of your Facebook lead ads.

Tired of forgetting to export your Facebook leads from Facebook to Excel? Or even worse forgetting about them or reacting to slow. Automate your process and create customers directly in e-conomic as soon as they get in. Or feed them into Pipedrive, Mailchimp or whatever system you use for managing leads. Cloudify helps you automate your processes.

Company information

Contact person

Please note that in agreement with e-conomic there is no setup and a 14 day trial for this standard integration. Other integrations or special needs are not covered by this offer and need to be agreed directly with Cloudify.
This shows from which app the data will be taken from and to which app it will be inserted.
Select what should trigger the action
Please write the exact name of the Facebook Campaign Page that you want to be integrated with e-conomic
Please write the exact name of the Facebook Campaign Form that you want to be integrated with e-conomic
Select which action you want performed when the trigger happens
Here you select the data, you wish is to be used, regarding your chosen action. Please be aware that if the data is not provided through the trigger, it cant be transfered in the action. Some fields are mandatory for the automation to work.

Data to use in Integration with e-conomic

You must write the unique identifier of the customer group. This can be seen in e-conomic.
The default payment terms for the customer. This can be seen in e-conomic.
Indicates in which VAT-zone the customer is located (e.g.: domestically, in Europe or elsewhere abroad). This can be found in e-conomic

Facebook Credentials

To be able to access the API to your Facebook account we need your log in credentials. Please note that we do NOT store this data and it is ONLY used to obtain an API key. Please note that all data is sent encrypted and therefore safe