Mapping Many companies we meet do not know exactly which systems they want to integrate. We help our clients find the applications that support the business processes and the goals they have. When we do mapping, we will take a meeting with your system administrators and a few of the people who use the systems for everyday life. (We often do that on Skype or video conference.) It is also important to get managements buy-in – before we start changing the way you work. It is the only way to ensure that change is becoming entrenched in your business and your employees. Here are some questions we always need answers to:

  • Which systems and applications do you use today?
  • Have you made adaptation to these systems?
  • Are there any “holes” that your current systems do not support?
  • How are your systems tailored to your business?
  • Which custom fields you use in your systems?
  • How many entries are created / updated daily?

We help you to get answers to all of this and more.


When we have done the mapping and have agreed on the goal, we write the plan. The plan will describe the scope of the project, your needs and your overall goals. We also specify what the next steps are and write instructions for the test – if that is applicable. The plan will also contain all relevant information about the EU Data Regulation (GDPR) – if any EU data is involved.

Project Plan

In our end we’ll make a project plan that helps us keep us on point and within budget. The project plan enables our team and your employees to keep track of tasks and the hours we spend on the project. Sometimes we use Trello for this sometime Slack and sometime something different. As the project proceed you can follow the project plan online.