A Good CRM is a Quiet CRM

The measure of a successful CRM partner is the quietness with which it operates. Automated, integrated and catering to future needs is the Cloudify hallmark for successful implementation in any business environment.


Core CRM

Cloudify makes CRM a seamless experience using effective SaaS solutions so that your sales teams have all customer information & insights at their disposal instead of wasting time on the field. Making CRM the core of the Sales process makes the pitch refined, personalized to the customer and increases conversion rates.


Marketing Automation

Making tasks like mailing offers & schemes, data generation, mining, repetitive tasks, etc. automated lets both marketing & sales resources to plan their time and spends effectively. With Cloudify’s solution mixes, this leads to substantial reduction in costs which can be allocated in growing the sales & market verticals.

sales management

Sales Management

When sales staff knows their customers, they have won half the battle. All that remains then is their physical ability to convert, close and maintain leads. CRM implementations make Sales much more accountable because there are measurable responsibilities & gaps which can be easily addressed.

customer service

Customer Service

With easy customer information access, Cloudify makes customer service a better experience as customer-facing staff comes with a background on the customer instead of starting with a blank slate. For a customer this is important because they feel valued, thus maintaining the relationship and leading towards referrals.


Start building better relationships with customers and potentials with personalized conversations.

  • Analysis

    Know the customer by what they do, how they do, etc.

  • Data Wash

    Keeping information relevant & non-redundant

  • Customization

    Every customer and interaction is unique, so is the solution

  • Implementation

    Effective solutions are workable, not elaborate

  • Change Management

    Digitization makes CRM transparent and accountable

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