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CRM Implementation with Cloudify

Working with many customers can be a challenging task; keeping up with contacts, diagnosing their issues and ensuring positive interactions along with satisfaction can put a lot of pressure on your customer relationships team. A CRM can help you in managing that workload, and it is undoubtedly one among the most valuable assets your company could ever possess.

We are official partners of many CRM service providers like Hubspot, Pipedrive, SuperOffice etc. and have excellent knowledge about its every feature, products. Our experts have the potential to select the right CRM software according to your organization. This is what sets us apart from others, unlike most cloud service providers, we will not make any random or irrelevant CRM implementations in your business. Instead, we will analyze your business and all of the processes, whether manual or system based.

After analyzing, we design and recommend customized CRM management processes and products that deem fit as per your business’s needs and align with your sales and marketing processes. Then we implement the right CRM software, processes and systems followed by paying attention to the errors that hinder the operations and smooth functioning. We don’t finalize the implementation of processes and systems until and unless they are up and running. We will take care of migrating your current CRM data into the respective systems. Cloudify also assists in automating your business processes by connecting your CRM with other necessary systems like WordPress, Gmail, Outlook and Zapier.

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Some amazing benefits of CRM

Enhances Sales Productivity

CRM houses all your customer information in one place. You can have answers to all questions with the right CRM. It will help you in closing more deals and increasing the productivity of your sales team.

Provides Improved Reporting & Analytics

A customizable central dashboard of CRM is a hub of all the essential information and statics that the management would like to keep an eye on.

Enhances Customer Satisfaction

By providing your customers with attentive service experience, responding to them on time while catering to their needs all the time, a CRM improves the level of customer satisfaction.

Saves Costs, Increases Revenue & Profitability

While the initial costs of setting up a CRM system might appear to be a little time consuming and expensive to you, over time, its benefits will surely outweigh the costs. The sales rep would be able to schedule meetings with prospects in the same or nearby geographical area.

Enhances Ability to Cross-Sell & Team Collaboration

The more you get to know about your client’s wants and needs, the better you will be able to provide them with the solution to their existing and future problems with different products or services. Many firms fail at making their team collaborate, hence don’t reap the benefits of CRM.

Better Segmentation & Customer Retention

Everyone wants to market or sell products to those who are interested. CRM segments contacts (prospects and customers) and categorizes them into the target audience. It helps in breaking down the data into criteria and categories, enabling you to run specific customer marketing campaigns.

Some of the CRM software we partenered up with


Hubspot is one among the most popular and easy to use CRM software that seamlessly integrates with hundreds of other apps and software that may be required in a business. It’s just not a CRM provider but also has its sales, marketing and service products that revolve around an effective CRM. You can use them all together to make your business reach its full potential.


Pipedrive is also a renowned sales CRM and pipeline management software that allows businesses to plan their sales activities and monitoring details. By using an activity-based selling methodology, it streamlines all the actions involved in converting a potential lead into a successful one. It can be integrated with multiple apps and services and can be accessed anywhere at any time.


Say hello to collaboration with SuperOffice CRM that helps marketing, sales and support teams in collaborating and sharing information — allowing them to treat each customer individually. It is suitable for small to medium-sized enterprises, easy to use and enables you to track all the activities quickly, send targeted emails and campaigns, nurture leads and promptly respond to your customer support tickets.


Freshsales is a product of Freshworks, it is a cloud based CRM solution, which helps businesses in managing their interactions with potential and existing customers. It can be easily integrated with Freshdesk, Google Calendar, Segment tracking and many other apps and services that a business requires. Its key features include sales lead tracking, event tracking, sales management, bulk emails and monitoring activities.

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