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We understand perfectly, it may seem like the Cloud World is a jungle, do let us help you. We are your digital tailor. In todays Cloud Computing small specialized Cloud systems can solve each and every one of your business particular problems. One-size-dosn’t-fit-all. When we are in Consultancy mode we help you find the Cloud product tailor made for your challenges. With integration we build chains of them – taking your customers seamlessly from one part of you Value Chain to the next. At the same time, we have a profound understanding of the broader business disciplines – ERP, CRM, Customer Service, Sales and Marketing. The Cloud world offers you loads and loads of small services tailored to very specific issues – we can find the ones who will elevate your business to new heights.

  •           • We know of over a hundred Cloud Services in depth
  •           • We know of over a thousand Cloud Services
  •           • We help you find the places where your day to day task is found lacking
  •           • Find cloud service that can make your life much better
  •           • We help your employee to work in a new way
  •           • We help you save time and money

If your technology provider does not meet your needs, we find one that does. There are many things you must consider before choosing a SaaS partner. Below are a few:

Marketing Automation


Sales Service

Customer Care


When we advise you on which web-based Cloud system to choose, we always prefer systems supported by an integration platform. This is your guaranty that you can always get your data implemented into other systems or get the data migrated – if you later want to move to another system. Most CRM and Marketing Automation systems is able to integrate with each other, but you should also remember that everything must ultimately be able to integrate with the financial system.

Getting the invoice to the customer is the Alpha and Omega of the way we work.


Prices vary little between different Web-based business systems. These variations are due to differences in features, services and support. Our implementations include licensing costs for individual migrations or software implementation and ongoing monthly support – if applicable. (If we make automations – we add a little maintenance cost. Often around 15€/17$ per month, per automation.)

Note: The choice of system takes in all aspects – the system has to be the right one, today and tomorrow. Sometimes Cloud price schemes are very hard to understand – and something that works well now – when you only use a few seats, will be too costly – when your team is doubled or tripled in size.

We’ll take care of everything, if you like.


The SaaS systems you use may have all the functionality your requires – to do you day to day job, but they can still be wrong for you. It comes down to – what API-connections does the Cloud-based software come with? Some CRM systems, for example – integrate well with you billing system – but doesn’t connect with Marketing Automation services (e.g., Facebook Lead Gen or Mailchimp). We always make sure that all systems, you want to integrate with are available. We build the right integration or synchronize to / from custom fields. This way you can modify the data along the way (e.g. by parsing it), if necessary, we can help you filter and otherwise manage the the data flow.

Needs – size and SLA

The smaller SaaS vendors can easily support thousands of users. But if you need larger volumes of users or traffic – we sometimes see operational problems. Let us consult you before you start dimensioning your solutions or you start migrating to another system. Note! You need to make sure your supplier can support you – if you need to process really big data. While your company grows, your needs for data storage and data processing power also grow. The Web-based Cloud services you use also have to be able to grow with you.

Service (SLA)

Setting up an integration and systems can take a few or hundreds of hours depending on the complexity.

You can save a lot of time using us as your impartial experts. Only a few companies have the internal resources with integration experience and deep understanding of your systems. We can quickly give you the knowledge you need to make the right decisions.

When you have moved to the new software, who will supports it? Perhaps you only need to use the Cloud supplier’s support team, but even than you may end up spending a lot of time researching and correcting errors. We can help you monitor your systems and give you the complete picture of your operation, and report the error that unfortunately may (will) happen.


Ask around you can see our reputation on LinkedIn and other places. You are also welcome to ask us for references – then we’ll put you in touch with some of our customers.

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