Teleconnect is an organization, which develops and manages tele-connect products. It is one of the most used

telecommunications services in Denmark. Their business runs primarily on the internet as they offer cutting edge solutions in voice response services. They provide unique solutions for TDC but also cater to their end customers. 

Teleconnect x Cloudify 

Teleconnect deals with thousands of monthly customers, which were managed by small handheld staff. Their tools could not meet the volume of calls they received, and they had a tough time dealing with them. helped them in setting up their cloud-based infrastructure, which was capable enough to handle the volume of calls. 

The Cloud Infrastructure was set up for: 

  • Customer Service Administration (Zen Desk)
  • Customer Service Automation
  • Sales Automation
  • Collaborate through Gmail
  • Dashboard

As per them, Cloudify played a crucial role in getting their business up and running, that too in a smooth and streamlined way. And till date, we have helped them in optimizing their processes whenever new challenges came up. 

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