Activa Accounting is a Danish accounting organization that provides accounting assistance and consulting to small and medium-sized enterprises. Whether you want to give them total control over your financing functions like daily accounting or want them for periodic assistance, they will help you out in everything. 

Activa X Cloudify

The auditing industry is growing at a very rapid pace, and the primary focus is to save costs. Activa was facing problems in collaborating with ongoing savings in all of their operations. For example, when Danish business executives will pay “x” DKK for handling and posting an attachment.

Cloudify helped them in integrating their Mail with G Suite. Also, a CRM system. 

  • It helped them in keeping track of the attachments they received from their customers via email.
  • The attachments got automatically stored on Google Drive in a somewhat systematic way for accurate data. 
  • Earlier a lot of time was wasted in entering data and downloading attachments. In contrast, at the end of the month, they cross-checked with their customers if the information was accurate. 

Cloudify also implemented a CRM system, so that they could easily view all of their customer contacts individually at one place. 

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