Bring Fundamental Changes in Everything from Your Routine Tasks to Complex Processes

How will it Help Your Business?

Digitization is revolutionizing the way businesses operate. More than millions of organizations have redefined their manual processes with Business Process Automation. It is using technology for the execution of recurring tasks where manual processes get replaced with automation. This results in increased efficiency, minimized costs and streamlined processes.

Business Process Automation can bring magnificent changes in everything, from your mundane routine tasks to complex processes. It assists in improving transparency, accountability, and gathering accurate data, which is accessible to every relevant stakeholder whenever they require it. Along with this it decreases the chances of errors in data, there would probably be few to none. The data is put where it is needed (across different systems). Automating routine tasks like managing data or sending emails creates more time for important tasks like generating leads and developing your business instead of maintaining it.

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Most organizations don’t know the problems they face. Cloudify analyses identifies and rectifies.


We align, realign and build effective solutions, integrated across the chain in both systems & applications.


Once built, the solution is deployed & tested. With all redundancies, data flows, applications & validations applied, the integrated solution becomes the adaptive mainstay.

Why Should You Choose Cloudify for Business Process Automation?

We have worked with processes for years and understand the ones which are present within the specific parts of the value chain. We also have a vast knowledge of how processes work across the value chain, including and catering to different parts of the company. Cloudify acquires expertise and understanding of how these processes can be optimized/automated with which triggers and actions.

The trickiest job is to understand and figure out which processes and parts of workflows can be automated and then adding required triggers and actions to complete workflow automation.

We offer our clients with a free 30-minute consultation and follow a three-step approach to save time and simplify workflows.

Cloudify’s Three-Step Approach

We provide our customers with the best possible customer experience that starts with analysis, optimization followed by automation.


We do an in-depth analysis of processes whether manual or system based, find loopholes and propose a new digital process flow including systems and implementations


Then we implement new workflows, integrate the involved applications and automate the flows.


Once built, the solution is deployed & tested including all the redundancies, data flows, applications & validations applied. We provide complete training for maintaining solutions.

Here are some Examples of Automations

  • Invoice Automation

    When a pipedrive deal is won, invoice is automatically created, customer gets added to the new client email list in mailchimp. Meanwhile sales team gets notified on slack.

  • Lead Automation

    New FB or Linkedin lead – automatically add to mailchimp mailing list and to CRM system thus ensuring that no lead gets forgotten or cold.

  • Social Media Automation

    Automatically share new LinkedIn updates with content from your tweets. Or keep track of your social media handles, get automatically notified on gmail or slack whenever someone mentions you on twitter or instagram, save those mentions in excel sheet and save it to drive.

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