An Overview Of Pipedrive

Pipedrive CRM Overview

Pipedrive CRM

An Overview of Pipedrive

Lead is a small word that consists of 4 letters but these 4 letters play an important role in the success of any business. Every business starts with a lead and managing these leads can give your business a solid start and sustainable growth. However, managing leads cis not as easy as it looks.

We have all experienced leads that do not get converted into a sale.

How often do you analyze the reasons for not converting the lead into a sale?Are your traditional Lead Management techniques sufficient enough?
Do you remember to follow-up and do it on time?
Do you have the details of the conversion ratio of your leads?
Are you able to track the leads and the efforts made by your team to convert a lead into a sale?

If your answer is no to some or all of the above questions, then you are in the same situation as many other businesses.

What is the solution?

The answer is simple. You need something, that can help to manage your leads in a better way. Although the market is full of a variety of Lead Management Applications, Pipedrive stands out from the crowd.

What is Pipedrive?

Pipedrive is a leading Cloud-based leads/Pipeline Management Application, that enables businesses to plan their sales activities and monitor deals. Pipedrive is built using activity-based selling methodology. It streamlines every action involved in converting a potential lead/deal into a successful sale. Let’s dive deeper and understand its features in details.

What Makes Pipedrive Different From Others?

  1. Its Simplified UI and Approach
  2. Easy to Set Up
  3. Native Integration with 100+ other utility apps and more than 1500 using Zapier
  4. Very developed API
  5. Flexible and Cost-effective Plans (starts from only $15/month)
  6. Extremely good support
  7. Its own Marketplace with a growing number of apps and integration

What are the features it gives?

Pipedrive comes with a bundle of features. Here are some of the popular ones

Pipeline Management: Clear visual interface that helps you to take action and stay on top of all deals.

Email Integration: User can integrate their work/other emails and manage all the email conversation inside the Pipedrive itself. Pipedrive can be integrated with Gmail and Outlook easily.

Custom Fields: Whether you want to create a birthday column for your contact or a column for serial number or a product type. Pipedrive custom field feature allows you to manage data as per your requirement.

Sales Reporting: Pipedrive gives a powerful feature of reporting that helps you to understand the problems and identify the opportunities.

Sales Forecasting: Pipedrive gives you a better projection of your sales growth and helps you to take the right decision at the right time.

Google Apps Integration: Pipedrive offers you to connect with different google apps. You can sync the calendar, Manage the documents in google drive, etc.

API: An application with a powerful API opens the door of seamless integration capability. Pipedrive can be connected to any other software and if needed custom features can be developed.

Multilingual and Multi-currency: What could be better than working in your own native language and dealing in different currencies? Pipedrive available in 16 different languages and supports all major currencies.

Integration with Other Popular Applications: Pipedrive gives you the power to expend your limit by the help of a variety of integration. Some of the popular integration apps/platforms are:

Slack: Collaboration tools are a must and Slack and its integration into Pipedrive does a great job. There is no benefit of CRM if your sales team cannot get notified whenever a lead is in the pipeline. Pipedrive Slack integration allows you to collab and keeps track of lead activities.

Trello: Pipedrive Trello integration makes lead management more efficient. With the help of this integration team tasks related to lead can be done quickly along with the movement in the pipeline.

Xero: Whether it is a new expense claim or purchase order, the invoice is “must need” thing. Pipedrive Xero integration automates the entire invoice process.

Isn’t it cool? Sending an invoice with no chances of human error and which is without involving a human.

Contact & Calendar Sync: Pipedrive integration with Outlook and Google Calendar makes data synchronization and meeting schedules easier.

Zapier: iPaaS platform Zapier provides integration with more than 1500+ cloud-based apps.

MailChimp: Email marketing has been popular all along with marketers, but it was never been much easier. With the help of Pipedrive MailChimp integration, synchronization of data and updating your leads or prospects with Newsletter, updates or email campaign becomes a piece of cake.

Pipedrive integration is not limited to only these apps, for different needs different integrations can be created.

Note: Few apps will require Ipaas platform like Zapier or Intergromat for Pipedrive integration.


Pipedrive CRM is very useful when it comes to Lead management and with various integrations like Pipedrive Outlook integration, Pipedrive Google calendar sync and many more custom solutions. Pipedrive expert Cloudify offers various custom integration solutions.

There is no doubt Pipedrive is easy to use. Its intuitive and its UI makes it easy to get started with. Pricing is fair and competitive.

Depending on your needs for migrating data from an existing CRM system, customization, integration to various SaaS apps or automating processes we would recommend to talk with a Pipedrive partner.

Still confused whether you should go for Pipedrive or not? Signup for a free trial or use promo code CA-Cloudify for an extended trial period.

We Cloudify are Business Process Automation and Pipedrive certified Experts. So, visit and book a consultation if you need any help related to Pipedrive implementation or Business Process Automation.

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