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Every brand owner dreams about expanding their business across the world and making their brand more visible. Managing business is easy for saas and software companies because they don't have to deal with the manufacturing process or delivery of the physical product. 

  In eCommerce, you have to manage inventory, supply chain, warehouse, stock management, shipping, managing products and product variants on the website as well as on marketplace. For SMBs, it gets tough to scale their business because by indulging yourself in these activities, it becomes tough to focus on sales and marketing activities? Here Tradegecko comes in the picture which can solve your all problems. 


What is Tradegecko? 

  Tradegecko is inventory management software/CRM solves these problems for you, and with few more integrations, you can watch the entire journey of a product. From the creation of a product to delivery Tradegecko cover it all. 

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How can Tradegecko Solve eCommerce inventory management problem?

  Tradegecko is good to go to Inventory management and warehouse management software for SMBs and Enterprises. Tradegecko is not limited to inventory management or warehouse management only, with various integrations Tradegecko provides you with other useful functionalities Like -: 

  • Inventory Management
  • Warehouse management 
  • Shipping management 
  • Automation 
  • Marketplace 
  • E-commerce 
  • Accounting 

What is Inventory Management?

Inventory management is the management of stock and inventory. The goal of inventory management is to have the right amount of product and raw materials. Several companies do inventory management manually and end up putting workforce in it, still end up failing managing inventory. 

 The main areas of inventory management are -: 

  •  Management of the raw materials for product manufacturing  
  • Control of the production of goods for stocks on various location 
  • Management of the stock of goods so you will not run out of stock on different locations
  • Tracking the sales process of the goods

Inventory management software Tradegecko allows you to take control of all the inventory management related tasks. This enables you to forecast the exact amount of stock needed. And avoid excess stock and binding your money in it. 

we can say that Inventory management gives control over stock management and supervision on the entire process. 

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What is Warehouse management?    

Warehouse management is part of Supply Chain Management, and it manages ongoing processes in the warehouse, such as adding, picking, receiving, quality control, shipping, reporting, and forecasting. 

  Running an online business on the global level is expensive; excessive inventory can be a real pain. Tradegecko’s warehouse management feature allows you to manage excessive inventory management and running out of stock.


Tradegecko’s warehouse management allows you:-

  • Stock transfer between two warehouses 
  • Receive stock into a specific warehouse
  • Fulfil orders from a specific warehouse
  • Sell on consignment
  • Location Report
  • A collaboration of remote teams
  • Control over information sharing



Shipping has always been a challenging part in the eCommerce business. Whether it is end product shipping or stock movement because it is one of the elements of customer experience. Whether it is the delivery of a product or return, the slightest delay can make the entire customer experience a lousy customer experience.

     Tradegecko allows you to create custom shipping rates according to price and weight, and with the help of various integrations, shipping process becomes much more manageable.  


In eCommerce business, every transaction requires Invoice, whether it is B2B transaction or a sales on eCommerce platform Or in the marketplace. Tradegecko provides complete accounting solution with the help of various integrations.


Increasing brand outreach and sales is vital to put your product in various markets according to your product type. Tradegecko allows you to connect with these marketplaces and let you manage the orders from inside Tradegecko-:  

Amazon- Amazon needs no introduction, Tradgecko offers 2-way sync with Amazon for sellers as well as Amazon FBA. 

  Tradegecko can take your Amazon store to the next level, and it can help you in 2 ways  

  •  Amazon inventory management
  • Fulfilment by Amazon

Amazon inventory management by Tradegecko

Amazon sellers who deal in large product quantity and varients, face challenges with stocks and order fulfilment. 

 For Amazon sellersTradegecko can -:

  • Do Pricelist management 
  • Sales order management 
  • Automated inventory management 


Amazon FBA stock management by Tradegecko

Tradegecko helps Amazon FB Asellers manage stock transfer in the warehouse and gives proper control over the stocks.

The Iconic - The Iconic is one of the biggest Australian Clothing stores which launched in 2011. Tradegecko The Iconic integration help in simplifying the entire process.  

 Joor - Joor is a wholesale marketplace which connects wholesalers and retailers across the world. Joor provides brand & retailers tools for Order processing. 

Lazada - Owned by Alibaba group with 300 SKUs, Lazada offers the most comprehensive product range in Southeast Asia. 

Walmart - Walmart is an American leading retail company which have ‎11,389 stores worldwide.   

eBay - From watches to cars, you can find everything on eBay. 

Etsy - Etsy is Online shop for Vintage items and handicrafts. 

Houzz - Houzz is an online marketplace for architecture, decorating, interior design landscape design and home improvement.

Overstock - Overstock is a retail company that also manages the inventory supply for other retailers. 



Tradegecko offers integration, price listing and order fulfilment and many other functions on platforms -:  

Shopify - Shopify is a commerce platform which allows you to create and manage Customized online store which requires no Coding.  

Woo-commerce - Woocommerce is an open-source WordPress plugin used for the creation of Online store in the WordPress site. 

Big Commerce - Bigcommmerce is an eCommerce platform which allows you to sell on a popular marketplace like Amazon, eBay, Google Shopping and many more. 

Magento- Magento is an opensource CMS which allows various types of customization and different functionalities with plugins. 


 Tradegecko also integrates with 3dcart, Volusion, Neto, Opencart, PrestaShop, Squarespace, Rocketpart and Commercehub. 


                                                     Tradegecko Automations


Automated payments and invoicing - In Tradegecko automation, an invoice can be automated using cloud-based accounting software such as Xero and Quickbooks. 

Automated order fulfilment and inventory updates - Tradegecko automation deals with automated order fulfilment from the marketplace as well as your own online store.  

Automated tracking generation and email confirmation - Tradegecko automation allows you to track each parcel using Barcode as well as a delivery confirmation email. 

Automated picking or packing - Moving package from warehouse to warehouse or shipping it into the local area. Tradegecko allows you to manage and automate these tasks seamlessly.   

Integration and automation platforms for Tradegecko

  • Zapier - Zapier is an Ipaas platform with more than 1500+ apps on its platform. It allows automating several tasks in Tradegecko. 
  • Integromat - Integromat is another Ipaas platform for integration with 250+ apps on its platform. 
  • Piesync- Piesync is iPaas platform which provides two way seamless syncing. In Zapier 4 zaps are needed to do four ways sync where Piesync does it in 1 app. 

                                  Inventory management automation 

In inventory management automation, It allows you to pull product data from suppliers. It enables you to add, update and delete product data for you. Inventory management automation can’t be defined in only these terms; the amount of automated tasks in inventory management is dynamic. 

                                              Shipping automation

Automated shipping can help you save a heck of a time. Whether it is shipping from warehouse to warehouse, raw materials, or end product shipping. Shipping automation allows you to automate shipping as per real-time stock level, raw materials or real-time orders. 

Invoice automation 

Invoice automation allows you to send an automated invoice to your relationships and customers. Invoice automation saves lots of time and workforce. Imagine! You are getting 1000 orders per day, and you need to send an invoice to all of them. Well, automation does that for you without human effort. 



Xero is cloud-based accounting software which is increasing in SMBs and easy to use. Xero offers various solutions, Here are Xero key features -: 

  • Automatic credit card account and Bank feed 
  • Invoicing 
  • Accounts payable
  • Expense claims
  • Fixed asset depreciation
  • Purchase orders
  • Standard business and management reporting
  • API 

Xero automation 

Xero is listed on iPaas platforms like Zapier and Integromat and Softwares like Tradegecko, CRMs like Pipedrive and many more. With the help of Integration, several tasks can be automated, which can save shiploads of time. 


Here are popular Xero automation:-

  • Invoice automation 
  •  Accounts payable automation 
  •   Xero workflow automation 

Popular Xero Integration:- 

  • Xero Amazon Seller Central integration
  • Xero Tradegecko integration
  • Xero Shopify integration 
  • Xero Pipedrive integration 

Tradegecko Xero Integration

You have to deal with several transactions daily, as inventory management can deal with raw material suppliers, shipping, your online store and many more places.

  Automating invoice can save a lot of time and increase productivity. Accounts payable automation simplifies transactions.   

Quickbooks - Quickbook is accounting software which holds 80% of market share. It can also be integrated with Tradegecko. 

    Here are Quickbooks key features -: 

  •  Invoicing
  •  Accounting reports
  •  Cash flow management
  •  Time tracking
  •  Payments
  •  Payroll assistance
  •  Online banking

Quickbook offers a variety of solutions for various needs; with QuickBooks automation, you can save time and simplify the process.  

 Tradegecko allows integration with Quickbook for invoicing and accounting solutions. 

                                                     Ecommerce automation

Ecommerce automation is the future of eCommerce industry. It reduces manual efforts and automates tasks by pulling data. With Tradegecko, you can sell on a larger scale and implement workflow for platforms Amazon, eBay, Esty automaton and Walmart.  

Conclusion: Tradegecko is a complete suite for eCommerce business. From managing raw materials for products to delivering it to customers, Tradegecko allows you to take control over the entire Cycle of product.

  It connects with all the required applications which are the needs for an eCommerce business, whether it is accounting, marketplace, shipping or online store Tradegecko manages all.  

Tradegecko is your go-to software when you have to choose inventory management software, warehouse management software or eCommerce management software. It is a complete suite with rich functionality. Functional integration with apps like Xero, Quickbooks, Amazon, eBay, Shopify, etc.. And it offers native workflow automation or integration with automation tools like Zapier and Integromat. All in all, this is what makes Tradegecko an amazing Inventory management software. 

Cloudify is an official partner of Tradegecko, we help with Tradegecko Consultation, Tradegecko integration, Tradegecko implementation and Tradegecko Automation. 

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