A brief introduction you should read before a CRM implementation.

A brief guide to CRM (customer relationship manager)


You are a sales manager and thinking about increasing productivity, time management and you come across a term CRM. Several questions arise in your mind like what is CRM, which CRM is best suitable for my business? And many more. Here is a brief introduction to CRM.

What is CRM?

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management and is a software which helps you manage your customer, leads, and collaborations in a well-organized manner.  

   Previously, companies used to manage clients and customer details in old ways like managing in Notebook, excel sheet, or word document, but now it has changed.

 There are various CRMs for various needs like Lead management, Project management, Collaborations, Contact based CRM, multipurpose CRM and many more…

Category of CRMs

Nonprofit CRMs

Real Estate CRM Software

Multipurpose CRM 

Sales CRM


Nonprofit CRMs - In Nonprofit organizations, management and fundraisers often deal with tasks like Updating donors with charity events, newsletters, emails and most importantly, Donors data & transaction receipts. 

   Lead management CRMs with integration are suitable for Nonprofit organizations. Here are few Nonprofit CRMs - 

Fundly CRM 


Virtuous CRM 

Donor perfect


Real Estate CRMs - In Real Estate business CRMs require particular functionalities other than lead management. Thus, there are special CRMs for Real Estate business that simplifies your lead management system. These are the few real estate CRMs which are for real estate business 





Multipurpose CRM- It does more than managing your deal, leads or contacts. These are the few CRMs which are multipurpose CRM-

  • HubSpot 
  • Insightly
  • Podio
  • Odoo

Sales CRM - Sales CRMs are developed for the sales process. From managing lead to conversion. Sales CRM manages your entire sales cycle and gives you control and transparency over your sales cycle. It also allows you to see any friction in your sales cycle. 





What are the benefits of the CRM system?

 Lead management CRM can make your sales process seamless. It allows you to manage all the activities related to one lead, keep each sales rep updated and make your inbound marketing more effective and more manageable. 

Lead management - Organizations makes an effort in various channels of marketing in order to bring the lead in the sales process. Due to poor collaboration and poor lead management Organizations often miss those leads. 

 There are several organizations which have high lead flow and still not managing leads or using any CRM, without a doubt we can say that “Loss of lead is directly proportional to loss of revenue ”

 Team Collaboration - Providing the best customer experience is one of the main factors for the growth of the company. To accomplish such a feat collaboration between team members is really important. Team collaboration tools and CRMs can make these processes much more comfortable. Here are a few collaboration tools. 

Bitrix 24 


Microsoft teams

Collaborative CRM  is known as Strategic CRM. It allows you to exchange information within the team in real-time. For example, if your sales representatives are on call, and they require some specific information from marketing reps, they can contact them in real-time without disrupting the call. It helps them close the lead more efficiently. It is not limited to sales and marketing only. It can be implemented in any organization where frequent conversation within the team is required. 


Productivity - A complicated process with no transparency and management always suffers a massive loss in productivity and lead management. With the help of project management tools and productivity CRM, the productivity of an organization can be enhanced. 

 Cost-saving - Using CRM to simplify the organization processes like Productivity, Team Collaboration, Lead management results in cost-saving and increased revenue. 

Data security: Data loss or leaked information is the biggest nightmare for an organization. Manual data entries or not saving information on the cloud can result in data loss because even backup devices can get corrupted, and it becomes really tough to recover the data. 

 So we can say it CRM provides data security as well as data protection from hackers.

Transparency: Using CRM gives you more control over the entire process and updates you about every single update. Friction between finding details and collaboration ends with proper CRM implementation. 

     Popular CRM Systems

Salesforce CRM - Salesforce is the leading Customer Relationship Manager out there. When it comes to sales CRM for enterprises, Salesforce dominates all of them. It is a customizable sales CRM for Big Enterprises. Functionalities of Salesforce can be a breakdown as Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Service Cloud, Analytics Cloud, Community Cloud, Commerce Cloud, Data Cloud, and IoT.

  Price issues and report complexity are the only two limitations that come with Salesforce. 

Hubspot CRM - Hubspot has changed the marketing game entirely and introduced a new way of Inbound marketing which is a really effective approach for the growth of the business.

 HubSpot is all in one solution for Inbound marketing and provides different suits for it. Hubspot works on strategy “Attract, Engage, Delight”.   

Zoho CRM - Zoho is one of the fantastic CRM for multipurpose uses and well suited for SMBs. Zoho CRM comes with several functions like Lead management, Asset Management Sales Planning and Customer Portal/ Account Management Reporting & Indicators Mass and many more. 

 Microsoft Dynamics 365- Microsoft dynamic 365 is a combination of CRM and ERP. It automates sales tasks and helps you manage a business in an efficient way. Microsoft Dynamic can be a good alternative for Salesforce. 

Pipedrive - Pipedrive is one of the best sales CRM for lead management. With various functionalities and Integrations, Pipedrive becomes one of the robust sales CRM out there. 

PipelineDeals - PipedriveDeals comes with a user-friendly interface and easy to use CRM. It provides deal management, 360view of the sales process and speedup the opportunity to close more deals. 

Nimble - Nimble is a simple and smart CRM. It automatically syncs with business apps and helps you manage your relationships seamlessly by unifying Gmail, social media and business apps. 

 Freshsales - Freshsales is a customer relationship manager offered by Freshworks. It is built for all types of business sizes and with intuitive UI, automation, workflows, lead management and very easy to use.  

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How to choose CRM service provider?

CRM integration services: For a successful CRM implementation, It is crucial to choose CRM integration experts for CRM implementation. If you are looking for CRM integration services before deciding, do check about the official partner's affiliation and experience. It confirms CRM integration service providers authenticity. Ensuring the successful integration with your CRM and other cloud-based systems will increase your companies more efficiency without making complex to handle.

CRM implementation and Data migration services:  Migrating data from one CRM to another CRM is vital for a successful implementation. Ensuring that all data is mapped correctly and handling multiple data sources can be complicated. Therefore CRM Implementation and Data migration professional can save your company a lot of time and effort and above all, a successful start using your new CRM system. 

Conclusion - Folks, this concludes our overview of CRM. Before opting for a CRM, make sure you need to know, what are your business requirements? Choosing a correct CRM can save shiploads of time, save your money, increase productivity and saves you from repetitive tasks. 

 Several Organizations use CRM but fail to leverage CRM’s benefits, and the reason for that is either they are using the wrong CRM or haven’t integrated it with required apps. 

Integrating your CRM with the required apps of your process and automating the workflow can reduce the number of human efforts in repetitive tasks. 

 Whether you are planning the implementation of a CRM system in your business or migrating from existing CRM to a new one, it is essential to consult with professionals. By doing so you can avoid all the mistakes which People make during CRM migration or choosing a CRM for their business, and it costs them heavily Every day, Every week, Every year and end up losing tons of money and time. 

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